A shout out

Hello Compassionate's

Hope you are well.

I am going to start with a shout out to 2 friends I ran into today April 30th doing banking to pay my rent. Lynn W and Brenda D, Lynn I hope I spelled it right, comment and I will fix it.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing that it is a inspiration, I love to hear that I have helped make a difference, after all it's about creating Connection, Funds, Awareness and Hope.

Don't forget to email me your ideas and we will see what we can create together. I must admit right now I don't have a lot of supplies but I try to be flexible in my service to others.

I am going to get sketching ideas for Beautiful Alleys, Parks and Gardens, I would love to nurture the work of the community garden in Gala and support the growth of BA Hamilton wide.

I think that is all I will blog today just wanted to shout out to my fans and thank them.

As always please have a compassionate day, afternoon or evening whenever your reading this, and remember compassion goes a long way and is best when shared so please at least do a act of kindness a day.

Be Blessed.



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