Social Impact Shout Out

Dear Compassionate's, Hope you are all well.

I would like to thank the Social Impact Base, I know I just got in as one of your founder members and we haven't started our full journey together yet, but thank you so much for setting it all up to help us impact minded, socially compassionate entrepreneurs that seek to help serve a purpose and earn some profit. Just in the welcoming video alone you have reminded me it is ok to make earn a living while making a difference, you have asked me questions to help me stay socially minded as how to help create better products, serve customers and together serve others for the greater good.

I look forward to the rest of the journey together and hope to share some wins, rather successes with you.

Another thank you to the Flourish and Thieve Tribe with Laying the Foundation Live and the 1 month in Diamonds Insiders, I have been learning so much this year, the support is beautiful and has helped me start over with a new name and a more polished vision.

I am working on being a better crafter and business, that is inclusive, that creates connections to one another and the purposes we serve, creates funds and awareness to the causes we serve together and hope for all.

Thanks again to all the mentiors who are helping me in this journey, I enjoy sharing it with you and it is an honour.

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