To Shared Friends

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

I saw today 26 have read my tribute to Paul, I noticed in my news feed that we shared a lot of friends.

Dear Shared friends this shout out is a statement that even still feeling at shock at his sudden death, My Compassion is with you at this time of Grief, let us unite in our efforts to comfort each other and keep the legacy of love alive and well in us.

One friend mentioned in his face book post of how Paul Served God by serving others, one posted how he was a good example of community values.

I have cried as I read about how many of us cherished our friendship and community involvement with him, his smile, his gentle soothing voice, his compassionate soul and I hope I will be remembered that way, but why do we wait to share those nice words, we should share that with each other while alive so we can understand that we are making a difference in someone's life.

Dear Shared Friends I cherish you and all the Compassionate's who take the time to read the blogs, and leave comments and most of all, Thank you for the work you do, for being volunteers at community BBQ's, serving meals, reaching out to youth, for community clean ups.

If you are feeling low, drained of enegry, maybe feeling like it's not making difference then please let me help lift you up and help you soar once more so you can get back to making that difference, thank you all so much for all you do.

Let's keep up our volunteering to honour of Friend.

I may see you on Friday, as I type this I still have not heard or seen when or where, I do look forward to sharing our cherished memories of our time with him.

My Compassion is with you, have a compassionate day, be blessed, stay safe and peace be you.

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