9 years Today

Hello Compassionate's, How are you?, I hope you are well.

June 13th 2009, I got married and here we are 9 years later, 4 kids and a dog. We have been together since we were 23 and life has taken us on a wild ride, bad landlords, kids needing specialist's and a struggles with building a business.

I touched on a few things last night in Happy Birthday Grandma, our friends and family helped by gifting things like the wedding cake and photography and working the bbq, we had set the time to work with darts so grandma could be there, sure she may not have known what was going on, or she could have I wanted to at least have her there, we really don't know or fully understand alzhiemers so if she was aware she would have felt bad to miss out and not be able to say anything. We set it that the bbq would be a late lunch and grandma would make it back for supper and my uncle fred would beat the traffic on the way back to lindsay.

 It was very simple and low budget, it was about the vows and the people we wanted to share it with, the cake was so yummy, and it was nice to have family with us.

That was before I started down the business road. I tried to get back to work after being hurt, I wasn't having much sucess and apart of me was kinda happy about it, I got to stay home with my girl, my mini me, the business journey really started when she went to school, and I still couldn't get work because of my back and migrianes, I wanted to create an income and not just use income on creating, I love crafting and had been doing that for gifts, so could I make a income from it? 

I have had sales here and there, no study income but this is where my husband has been supportive, and encouraging.

We aren't really doing any thing special as the 2 oldest are home from school today, they seem to have no enegry today, and the twins will wake up from their nap soon, maybe tonight we can try and watch a movie if we can stay awake after the kids are in bed. 

I may try and blog again later, but for now Compassionate's have a blessed, safe, compassionate day.

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