A Fire Next Door

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

A fire on Aug 8th in the town house next door to my mom's has been a bit of a rollar coaster ride, sadly due to the fact my mom is on assitance she wasn't able to afford insurance, this has meant she and my step dad are out of their place longer and have had more running around to do.

We have learned for a lawyer to sue the owner of the house next door it is $5000 dollars, it is $390.00 for an electrical inspection, this is just to start with we don't know the amount of work yet, plus the extra cost of replacing the food, dear Compassionate's I am making simple glass beads bracelets and selling them for $2.00 each with all of it going to my mom.

Lesson one if you can get insurance, it would have moved things along quicker and covered the costs, just sadly wasn't affordable and if able have a credit card, I learned a sad truth that more and more places prefer credit cards as I have witnessed through what my mom has gone through and the extra stress on her and my step Dad.

I looked into a go fund me but I am worried about if I do raise enough will it create troubles for their assistance and mine. I reached out to my church and the leader ship team has to talk it over about taking a collection, so I turn to this blog to ask you my compassionate's to help me do what I do, fund raise to help other's in need and right now it is my mom, she raised me with social awareness, to seek justice and walk humbly as a child of God.

My Mom put in many years of teaching sunday school at St Paul's United Church in Dundas, Countless hours of PTA fundraising events for Yorkview school, volunteer hours in all my schools, I wouldn't brag more then that.

My point is that between her and my grandparents I am who I am and I would like to give back to her and my step dad, The simple glass seed bead bracelets are Mom's style of light weight, simple patterns, plus easy to make in a short time.

The world isn't always a nice place, but we can make it a little brighter, something so simple can connect us in our compassion and kindness and bring a smile and some hope to my mom, every day it is more running around to find out what needs to be done and how much and I am looking into insurance that would be affordable.

Be that friendly face to some one, remember not to judge why some one has been knocked down but be the one to focus on helping them up, we all struggle at different times in life and the key is to keep going as we only fail if we don't try.

As Always my Compassionate's I try to keep my blogs short in respect for us all having busy lives, so here I will remind you to do your daily acts of kindness and remember to include your self care and self compassion, Be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace To you all, please check out the bracelet's.

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