A Long Way To Go

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Mike Harris Tories cut the rates ( of welfare ) by 21.6% in 1995, there has never been a year when an increase has been provided above the rate of inflation. This would have been the first time in more than two decades that those on social assistance did not sink deeper into poverty. A 3% increase was cut to 1.5% roughly a $17.50 raise for the month by Doug Ford, why blog about this again? 

 MacLeod made clear that the Tories will produce a model of right wing ‘welfare reform’ that will take the war on the poor to a new level. She revealed that the Tories will intensify the policing of people on social assistance and launch a crackdown on so called ‘welfare fraud’. This will serve as a ‘ritual of degradation’ that makes the receipt of public assistance even more humiliating than it is at present. 

Think about this, a single on OW only gets $722.00 a month that means now the increase looks like $739.50, 1995  that's 23 years of fighting for the right to be treated as humans with RESPECT, our basic needs of a place to live and food to eat that we can in some way provide some service to our communities, market rent is around $900 a month a one bedroom, rooms that may leave safety as a question are around $500.00 a month but don't seem very safe, so you want us all more humiliated, great thanks.

I copied this from one of the many articiles going around: 

 MacLeod focused her comments, however, on her Government’s goal of a system of sub-poverty income support that has been perfected as a mechanism for driving people into the lowest paying and most exploitative jobs on offer. This work gets underway even as the Tories target the minimum wage and basic workers’ rights. Obviously, not afraid to resort to right wing clichés, the Minister told those gathered for her announcement that “the best social program is a job.” She would not respond to media questions on whether a workfare forced labour approach would be part of her ‘reform’ package.

Yup, some how make it all the poor's fault, forget about the fact the government of Ontario cut programs that had been helping people back on their feet from mental and physical help, cut coverage of meds that had helped people get better to the rate they could no longer afford them, but let's insult all welfare people again and restate a job is always the answer but we will not do any thing to help with job creation or affordable housing.

 So why blog this again...? We must step up and support local small businesses, small home based businesses and if they are social impact even better, or step up and be that social impact business yourself, yes I am here sharing my struggle and my dreams, but you can do it, I repeat YOU CAN DO IT.

Create that income with your skills, like sewing upcycled fashion, or maybe you dream of a cafe for people and pets, maybe your a event planner, my point is yes we don't have access to a lot of funds to build our dreams but we can do it, soon Social Impact Base will open to new members, when it does I will post the link here and on facebook so you can get the support and encouragement you need to shake off that fear and stigma and start to shine.

We can help create jobs, we are not the stigma that the PC want every body to believe, we are the change makers.

Soon I will get a link to the Social Impact Base Group some spots are openning for new members, and I think Dear Compassionate if you have a idea, or a desire to create a purpose and for profit business, then I encourage you that you can do it, I saw a post about paper made for elephant poop, it's mainly fribe as elephants don't eat meat, it's cleaned and turned into paper, creating jobs and something that didn't cost alot, a start up in Mexico makes homes out of recycled plastic for about $280.00 cad how cool is that, recycling, creating jobs and helping with affordable housing, I have learned about 30 of us out there active, living our dreams of postivie changes we can make and inspire, so I embrace that I am a connector and will get you the link when it's ready, you just be ready to let go of fear and let yourself fly and make that difference we need now more then ever.

Stay safe, Stay Blessed and peace be with you, Dear Compassionate's, my friends. Don't forget include self love and self compassion in your daily acts of kindness.

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