Happy Birthday Grandma

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

June 12th my grandma's birthday, she passed on in 2010 but I still miss her a lot. I learned my philanthropy from my grandparents, that it isn't putting money at a problem and getting something named after you, it's a simple way of life of making a difference everyday, I think I have said examples before but here are a few more, take goodies to work to share help lift up your co-workers day, offer to car pool, having some one to talk to on and from work could be a great help to every ones mental health.

I didn't really do anything special to celabrate today, just thought of her and wanted to maybe blog, I have been really having a hard time finding this blogging voice, on one hand I really want to inspire you the compassionate to keep doing a good job making a difference in the world and on the other hand, yes I would love to inspire you to invest in my creations to help serve others and treat yourself and yes the happy little side effect of making a living for my family.

I thought of trying to blog weekly only to find me sitting here and no sound of typing keys, I thought what if I had a webcam, would vlogging (video blogging) be better? How many types can you share the same message of make sure you share compassion daily can people really read?

Here it is 8:30, my 3 youngest are in bed, the dog seems to be sleeping, my oldest is a moody warewolf, she is a self identified warewolf, a youtube thing, she wants a channel and I have I mixed feelings about it, one don't have a webcam, two no mic, 3 this isn't the best set up to do making videos, it's a bit crowded at times. Point I am typing that today was my grandma's birthday, tomorrow is my wedanny my short form for wedding annversary, June 13th 2009, at 50 point near the beach, my grandmother's last trip out of wentworth lodge. 

One of the lovely ladies, a nurse who took good care of grandma not only came to the wedding but gifted us the wedding cake, my best friend was the photographer as a gift, we payed for the rest and had a bbq. 

We shared our day with my grandparents, sang her a happy birthday then did a fake cutting of the cake with them and gave them that green folder you get for 60 years of marriage as June 25th was their wedding day and the family couldn't get together then so, birthday, wedding, wedanny.

My grandmother, what a strong, compassionate woman, I learned so much from her, I don't know where to start, baking together, some sewing as I was more into pottery and poetry and choirs and I wish I had let her keep teaching me. 

Understood my creative soul, youthful enegry, I was ganma's girl that's how I said grandma as a little girl, she would tell me every birthday of mine when she could still speak about how when I was born and naked on the scale she couldn't help herself but put out her finger and I grabbed on stronger then she thought I would and just held it tight, her first born grandchild and a granddaughter at that. Claims that is how I was always ganma's girl even made my grandparents shirts with that on it, found them when we packed up their home of so many years, it had been mine for 18 years, it was a nice apartment and neighbour hood to grow up in, beatuiful community, we all helped each other, need to borrow a cup of sugar, need help shovelling after the snowplow blocked most cars in the parking lot, it's a part of why I am me, a part of why I do what I do.

Well every blog post reveals more of who I am and why. Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me. Have a compassionate day, afternoon, or evening when ever and where ever you are reading this from, be blessed and stay safe compassionate's, until the next blog.


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