A Reflection of Money

Hello Compassionate's, How are you, I hope you are well.

I just finished watching the new bundle of the month for the Impact base and it was talking about our money mind set, questions like what was money like growing up, how is it now and my answer is the same, Tight. If your like me it feels like here is to much going out and not enough coming in.

I noticed on a few Facebook posts some sellers already had the first sell of the year, happy for them, I blogged and viewed the bundle in the chaos of my household, may have to reinvest in a new order for the supplies I still haven't received, makes me nervous to lose to much money like that, some of us live a little to close to being one pay check away from homeless and after 5 times in my life of that I really want to be a home owner and not lose the roof over my head, I know it has it's own issues.

Today after taking some time off of looking for rent to own places for my mental health, I found most outside of Hamilton, with no car or license that dream may have to wait a little longer, right now most appointments we can walk to a few specialist's we need to bus or cab to so I would like to stay in this area.

The past two weeks have been bad for this area but with the out pouring of support for the family one street over who had a fire it shows just as much compassion and is worth still investing or time into, so much time invested over 5 years I am not ready to leave it.

I shared my hopes and goals with my Impact Tribe so they will keep me accountable to reach them or understand why I didn't. It is nice to have their support and encouragement.

I think I will leave this a short reflection, my money mindset is one that my grandparents encouraged with my mom that even though money was tight we  create a balance of doing things that are free, like crafting at home and saving up for something special that included a movie or attend a play. We can use money respectfully and balance our needs and what we really desire with in reason if we work hard and save for it, money itself isn't evil it's like the 2 wolves, the good and bad and the winner is the one we feed so I hope our feeding the good.

As Always dear Compassionate's I desire for you to be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you, grateful for your sharing my journey, staying humble with our daily acts of kindness, self love and self care.

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