A Simple Lesson

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

A 30 min facebook live with a simple lesson, when we are driven to be change markers, we start with our why, my why unfolds with every blog you read, making a difference is a deep part of who I am and yes I believe God made me that way.

To be asked what do we desire to see this world or our difference to shape up to or look like, I want everyone's basic human rights met, not fighting for access to housing, food and water, and as my name suggests we all have the right to compassion.

If you are new to Compassionate Creations and this is the first blog you are reading, welcome and here is the cliff notes of my why, I was a twin, but when my mom fell down the stairs at 4 months along, my brother ( by feeling wasn't confirmed) I feel gave up his life to save me, so I could live and make a difference, I often feel like I have to do twice as much to make up the difference of Jonathan Charles not being here, felt much deeper then ever with the birth of my twindom 2 years ago, I also at 4 months along had a miscarriage back in feb 2012 a third life I feel I must make up for in making this world a better place.

I know I can't change the whole world but here at the touch of my finger tips with every blog I write that comes from this heartfelt desire can help you, I can encourage you to keep up the good work as a change maker in your area of the world, to keep doing daily acts of kindness because that one life you touch is worth it, I keep doing work in my community changing my part of the world, my neighbour to be inclusive, I help create and host community events that are free to attend and create that feeling of being included and cared for as we have community partners who help us give stuff like books away for free, we often have Y on wheels out doing fun games with the youth that shows fitness can be fun, we have face painting, bubbles and our fire and police services with the fire truck and smart car along with stickers and colouring books about being safe.

I lead by example and in 3 days my 10 year old daughter turns 11, she is working with Mission Services to restart the cooking share program on PA Days, when school is out, she knows free food and baking can bring us together and it was funding that had shut down the program but we think we have new funding so we are gearing it back up, she is amazing but I am her mother so I know it's totally bias but she shows her leadership skills and compassionate heart and does as much volunteering in this community as I do, I learned the same way with my Grandparents and my mom. 

I learned another simple lesson years ago, we had gone for a day at 50 Point, the wind was blowing much like today, overcast, windy, a bit of a chill but we wanted to have a pinic and watch the waves after getting the winter cover on the boat in dry doc, litter was blowing around, I was helping grandma pack up our stuff so it didn't add to it and when we finished eating we each had a bag and picked up whatever we could catch from the wind, all 4 of us manged to fill up our black bags, tired them up and left them beside the bins at the front gate on the way out, the staff liked us, we helped make their jobs a little easier. The lesson then Leave it better then when you found it, and it wasn't just the space for the pinic but where ever you go.

We did a lot as a family, I miss my grandparents very much, I'm so grateful for the way I was raised, to be socially aware from a young age, to have grown in faith knowing what it is to walk humbly and seek justice, that one of our greatest gifts to each other is sharing compassion and grace, to truly love one another but to do that, we must love ourselves and to many companies pray on our self image that we need this night cream, make up, outfits that make us look better, feel better that we lost touch with ourselves, that we don't love ourselves and lost that connection to be able to share that with the others around us.

Where ever you are in the world and what ever the passion for change is, you have a cheerleader in me, here hoping you do well and see that difference you are working towards, so on days like today remember to not only share those daily acts of kindness and compassion but to take some time for self love and care and show some compassion to yourself so you can keep at your passion.

May you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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