More then just A Wedding Story

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

June 25th would have been 69 years that my Grandparents would have been married, they didn't live past their 61st but they knew each other longer then that.

Marjorie Merritt my grandfather's older sister (only sister he also had 2 brothers) Later became a Hannah, was friends with Marjorie Waite who became Merritt, my Grandmother. Both of them were part of a local youth group known as the YPXer's, which my grandfather also ended up joining.

My Grandfather was a stage hand for a play they were doing, my grandparents didn't remember the month they did the play in or the play itself, just that Grandma a actress, missed her cue for the play but not her life, as grandpa asked her out on a date. Then the rest of the play went on with out any missed cues. 

Friday the 13th was the day after the play and their first date, not sure what day he asked for her hand in marriage, but after a few years of friendship and a year of dating, 60 years later my family got together at 50 point June 13th 2009 to attend not just Collin and I's wedding but to honour my Grandparent's 60 years.

Our family wasn't able to do another get together on the 25th so Our Wedding became a birthday, Wedding and 60th Wedding annversavary. Pretty cool right?

Why am I sharing this with you? It's funny, to me that Collin and I became friends in our 20's, friends for 3 years engaged in 2004, married 2009 and that it was working on a play that we awoke to the fact we had a deeper connection then just friends, we didn't miss our cue.

Advice that I learned was never go to bed angry, make sure you always say I Love you we don't know when our last day is.

Grandpa had a half day off work for his wedding, it had rained, I think he had also mentioned car troubles but he made it, he got to make Marjorie his wife and his sister got a sister in law that was already one of her besties, growing up this was a wish of mine, a love like that.

When the day came that I could no longer be my grandmother's caregiver, when she needed to go to Wentworth Lodge I feel like I had failed her, I felt that she had given me so much that I could never fully repay her, my grandfather would go see her everyday, almost never missed one unless really sick or he had a appointment, I remember so many people telling him he didn't have to go in everyday, they felt that with her Alzheimzer's she wouldn't know he wasn't there, my grandfather answered them very simply "I Know" I know I missed a day, I know if I wasn't there, my wife, the mother of my 3 children, my best friend, I know, I remember even if she may not.

After she passed in Dec 2010 he was told he had Cancer, he missed her but was strong to be there for time with his Great Granddaughter and to meet his newest great grandchild from my cousin David, I remember it was the thursday of March break, he lost his eyesight on friday, he was moved from the hospital to St Peter's on the monday and by thursday, 4 days after being moved, at 10:22 am with me and uncle Bob there, took his last breath and joined Grandma.

Dear Compassionate's this blog is my way of sharing why I do C.A.P collection, for the Cancer Assitance Program. Uncle Bob handled a lot of paper work, I had been looking after grandpa, he liked time with his Tidbit, how much looking at her reminded him of me at that age and he said he was proud of who I was and that he was sorry he didn't say it more, your just like your grandma, such a big heart.

Marjorie's fave colour was pink, I started making pink jewellery,felt she was with me as I make it, still do.

This long time hobby of being crafty, this desire to make a living as I make a difference, finding out businesses like that are called Social Impact and are real and working, I knew it was where I fit, my idea of a new fundraising company that could raise money all year for a cause, being awareness to a cause and inspire hope,.

That Dear Compassionate's is what drives me, that is how we have come on this journey together, I understood my calling, what all my struggles have shaped, joined some business groups, took a online course to help be a better jewellery Designer and understand more of the business side and joined The Social Impact Base to fit everything together, have my website, working on better photo's, my friends been having health issues and hasn't been able to do the photo's as planned but that just means I have made more in the mean time.

I started blogging because I believed in the power of friendship, getting to know each other, building a bond was as important as build a brand we can all be proud of.

That's all for know Compassionate's, be Blessed, share those blessings and have a compassionate day. Peace to you my friends.


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  • Beautiful, Sarah! Thank you for sharing! I know the Cancer Assistance Program was so helpful to our family when my son was initially diagnosed. They provided a wheelchair, and other equipment that was needed after my son’s surgery, while he was going through rehabilitation. Thank you for making this world a better place. Blessings to you and your beautiful family 💛


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