Affordable Housing

Hello Compassionate's, How are you doing today? Hope you are well.

Today I would like to blog about Affordable Housing.

What is it? What is affordable?

Here in Hamilton the word affordable when used for housing as defined in the housing and homelessness action plan means no more then 30% of your household income goes towards your shelter costs. Mine is about 50% the major of our money goes to rent, then food as 4 hungry growing kids, then bills, laundry is done at a mat and can be very pricey, most of the time I wash by hand and hang dry. Why did I share that fact with you, it's simple many here in hamilton and around the world may not have enough money left over after rent for food or hydro, food bank use is up as rents still increase and many incomes have not, so compassionate's if you can please donate to your local food bank when ever you can as hunger never takes a holiday.

What does it look like? How do we help?

Many options are out there to help create affordable housing, allowing the tiny homes movement to set up in alley ways, create social or geared to income housing in empty abandoned buildings brought up to current codes, create more programs to help low income house holds to become home owners, there is no one size fits most and it will look different every where with the different bi-laws cities have.


I don't have the best photo's of my birds nest pendents, I call them my Healthy Housing Collection, it is hard to make them match for a set but mix and match seems to be in right now, I also like to think that doing the right thing is never out of style, but back to why I make them, I give half my price to the cause, so $30.00 becomes $15.00 to help create affordable housing, this year my focus is helping city housing hamilton fix up fire damaged unit's that is $20,000 per unit, it would be nice if at the end of this year I could say we, yes we us compassionate's together helped fix one unit, helping one household get in to a place that fit all their needs, yes it would also help my family with our needs, remember I may be very compassionate but I still need to make a living for my family. I am here for purpose and some profit, to make a difference and a living, to create that connection, funds, awareness and hope, increase our compassionate footprint.

I just finished doing my blogger's block blog. I admit this blog I have struggled with getting it just right to increase awareness and funds for creating affordable housing, I have designs to add to the ongoing fundraiser for it's creation that I am not able to make at this current time, I live in a 2 bedroom, 6 people, 1 dog, no business space, no way to safely get into melting pop cans and making molds to cast all the ideas I have.

Yes My Compassionate's, I have been homeless 5 times in my life and yes I am grateful to have a roof over our heads, but it's not meeting all our needs. 3 of my starting points for my collections is Housing, sending youth to camp and the Cancer Assitance Program, I have more but I wanted to at least get a working website and start simple and build it from there, let it grow and evolve.

You may already know that when I was younger I didn't get to camp, but as a adult in 2014 I got to Sage camp with then my 2 kids, my youngest was 6 months and teething the whole time at camp, my oldest was 6 and got to be in a cabin on her own, it was for healing after the heartache of watching mental health affect my husband there dad become to unstable to be around us, I am not getting into details, just that this lead to us being in a shelter and finding out about sage camp, I got to go to camp when I was homeless, when I wasn't sure what would happen next, a week away from everything was great, the topic was me, myself and I.

Self Compassion is a little different then self care, it is permisson from yourself to admit you are not ok, you are not fine, you can admit you are scared, confused being brave for your children. I ended up with a freedom, the low ropes, the log, and yes my fear of heights and I did one high rope it was the flying squirrel, that is when you are in a hareness and lifted up when the anchors are in there gear in a line and walk backwords, and you go up, Some ladies had got hurt and wanted to do it and couldn't other ladies wanted me to to it as a show of trust in them, they wanted to lift me up not just physically but in the emotionail sense as well, so yes I craved to the peer pressure, but I am so glad I did, when we got off the bus back at the shelter and we got our phones back, I had a call a viewing, I called back said I was sorry for the delay but I had been out of town and it was out of cell range, was it still available, fast forward to 4 years almost 5 and here I still am.

I don't know if the point I tried to make has got lost in my adhd dexlia brain but maybe you now have a little more insight into my why, maybe you have ideas of how you can help, maybe you can email mps and mpps and local agentices that help create affordable housing, maybe you will put in hours to help build with Habit for Humanity. 

I am so sorry about this not being better written, dear Compassionate's I will sign off now and brain storm better blogs, be blessed and have a compassionate day and remember your daily compassion. We do make a difference we don't always see it right away but it is there, seeds of connection, awareness, hope, compassion.

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