Being Sunflowers

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Saying goodbye is never easy, I have 3 unfinished blogs from the emotion of yet another one gone to soon, it's almost been a full year from Paul's passing of a heart attack and now joined by Chris.

It's something Matthew said, he spoke of the life cycle of a sunflower, about 12 weeks from seed till it's end, the tough seed when planted turns into a strong tall sunflower, providing pollen for bees, seeds for birds and for more sunflowers, it's a amazing flower, the seeds are about 100 maybe more, but the number has stayed with me the most, 100.

Chris passed away just before 100 in 1, happens June 1, 100 social interventions to bring change, that each city has at least 100 events in one day, found out Hamilton had 135, if the 100 in 1 day was a sunflower that is one big flower head.

My mind went to Paul and his Mom, once if memories served she wants to help save 100 souls,  FTA wanted to help 100 jewellery designers to reach 6 figure incomes, 100 has stood out this month, what would 100 lives impacted look like? 

A class sponsorship for a Christmas Dinner at a School? Thanks to a humble gift from my Late Aunt Marjorie I could check that off the list, that's about 25.  

Should I think bigger or smaller?  

If I had the funding one dream is find locations that would be good for tiny homes and for them to be off gird and sustainable to build 100 homes in 1 day to give to 100 homeless, for 100 in 1 day it may take some time to get that one going, but a worthy dream.

Simple and small or huge, impact isn't always measured with how many but by how meaningful, deeply impacted that 1 has made on you, or you have made to them. A coach running with you across the finish line of a 5k, A Drama teacher that created a safe space to not act but become...your dreams, A friend who got you a first job (husbands first job a greenhouse) he knows sunflowers also help clean soil, fits with the theme of being sunflowers.

We can look tough, but we can grow, reach for the light, stand tall and proud, make our impact, feed bees and birds, and leave those seeds of hope behind after we cleaned up a bit.

If it is 1 life you impact 100 times, or 100, no matter the number be that sunflower, dig down deep and reach high.

Daily kindness goes a long way, always remember to give yourself self love, care and compassion so you can keep sharing your light with the world, be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you. 


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