Blogger's Block

Hello Compassionate's, Hope all is well with you.

I am deeply sorry for the delay in a new blog post. I have had some blogger's block. In trying to find my blogging voice to help inspire all of you that making a difference can be as easy as opening a door for some one. A smile and a hello go a long way, in fact on the way to my oldest son's specialist appointment a older gentleman who was pan handling gave him a quarter, after we had run into one of my step sisters who gave him a sucker, the difference was that my son went from saying he didn't want to go was now saying ok mommy because when he received these treats he was told to be a good boy, I added how special it was that some one who had so little believed it was so important to share kindness with him that he smiled and started to be good. I prayed for the older gentleman when on the bus, I asked God to make sure he got what he needed, that I had witnessed his compassion and would really like him to receive some, all I had was bus ticket's, pull ups and some wipes and our health cards. All I could do for him was pray and ask for him to be blessed.

My blogger's block has been stressful, I noticed my website visit's seem to be linked to my blog posts, I am trying to write one on affordable housing and can't get it just right to where I click publish.

I have worked on a custom bracelet for a friend, it took a while to finish as my hands had ended up so swollen and sore I could barely hold anything, still not sure what caused it and I hope it never happens again. My friend hasn't been able to pick it up yet she is a very busy compassionate, I know she is going to love it.

I may not understand how I got blogger's block I can talk about affordable housing no problem but some how the right words have eluded me. 

My oldest daughter came home with a book, All about me, she had been working on it in class and had me email a ton of photo's to her teacher, it came home yesterday and looks great, the company did not edit spelling or grammer mistakes, it honoured the youths work into it, she mentioned that she would like to work with me, Artist Alley the book was started before the name change, I have felt pressure to get this business really going, getting a steady cash flow, here is where I admit that we are in a 2 bedroom, I am one of the inadaquitly housed.

I guess I worry to much about will I reach any one, inspire any one, will I get better photo's to finally add my items to my website and store, will I be able to help any of the causes, will I be able to earn enough to get my family living comfortable in a bigger place, dare I dream a house of my own with a nice sized yard and a business space where I can lock the kids out and keep business supplies and finished orders safe.

Dear Compassionate's I think I will end there, I don't want to blog to long as I respect that we are all busy people and nice short blogs are easy to read on breaks. As always would love feed back, I think I fixed the commenting that you no longer need to be approved first. Have a Compassionate Day, Afternoon, or Evening and I hope not to be to long in finishing the housing blog and really hope the friend can get around to helping with the photo's soon. Thank you for reading, remember your daily kindness and take care.

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