Camp Memories

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Yes, summer is here and for some that means summer camp, a week away from parents and siblings, new friends and lots of fun memories, but not every youth gets to have that.

I did not attend camp as a youth, I think I have shared before that I, my oldest, a then 6 month old teething baby boy went to Sage Camp 2014, to heal from the mental health struggle that effect all of us and not just Collin.

It came at a time when my grandparents had passed, Tim's murder was the last straw and coping was a myth, upset and over the top, a powder keg ready to blow over small things, revealed a cyst on the brain and the start of his journey alone with us cheering him on from a safe distance, strained even me, the theme that year was me myself and I, a chance to reflect on who I have been, what I loved about me and what part of me could I come to be and leave camp as refreshed and improved.

No horse back riding wasn't part of it, but do I wish that had been the case, we had swimming, canoe's, archery and seasons with just us women to heal, yes some makeovers, nails, chance to have a dance but also low ropes and high ropes and other challenges that opened our eyes, along with bonding with some strong sisters, who where so supportive I felt I had to do the high rope where the team of women as anchors walk back to pull you up, I was happy just being there, harnessed in to pull back and walk forward as support for all of them but then one said let us support you, it was powerful to think that if I let my fear of heights stop me, these sisters my have felt robbed of me being able to show them how uplifted they had already made me feel, so I did it, no I don't have any of those photo's wish I did, but the memory is there and from time to time I see some of my sage sisters.

I was able to cab it to Circle Square Ranch in Brantford and be there just before the start of the little horse show the Horse Lover's Crew was hosting to show what they had learned for the week, after 3 hours a day in the saddle.

Jumping? poles on the ground but sure enough they said on the friday she did get over the low x jumps, my mind blown, how awesome, what I saw at the show wasn't that but they said that she had manged to do it. From 6 months old about 4 pony rides a year to a clean but slow barrel run, proud just to see her ride with no one leading the horse, if we could of afforded another week I bet she could have done the 5 missing items to get level 1 CHA, can I say I a little Jelly (Jealous) of my oldest right now.

Don't worry the 6 young women still had fun with swimming, camp fire and yes a dance, learned about themselves, the horses, riding styles and grew in self esteem.

My oldest Son was the first at camp this summer, a day camp with a support worker and loved it, waiting on another support spot to open for his second week but I have a feeling one will open and it will work out.

Nervous for when it's all 4, but I will seek out the sponsorship spaces and payment plans, to get them all to camp.

This is why I make those wood bead bracelet's, knowing those programs are out there to help those of us with low or fixed income to give our children what we didn't have or to give them what we did.

I may shift away from giving to R.O.C.K and start giving to a few different camps that do the sponsorship spaces, Like Mini Yo We, Circle Square Ranch and Joy.

For those reading this right after it's posted, July 20th I will be at 549 Main St in Hamilton from 11am to 6pm also some music after that, so come by and check it out, I have done some silver bells on for affordable housing and a few 3 strand wood bead bracelets for camp.

Would love to see you there or if not local, message me or leave a note in your online order, I can create a custom if you desire and if I have the supplies.

I will take my leave of the blog right here, as I think the rare nap may be over soon, as always dear Compassionate's May you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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