Checking In

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

My 11 year old daughter has her first ever mud run coming up this saturday and I think I am more nervious then she is, she has done cross country before, so I don't know if the 3k is a issue, just worried her runners may not last the whole race like we hoped, one cross country event she had, the bottom of her shoe came apart, so worried the past could repeat itself, oh well we will see.

I am grateful our Lindsay trip worked out, 3 generations shared our first ever limo ride, it was well worth the 4 payments it took to pay for it, the extra stress of if we had taken a taxi to the go station, with a walker, stroller, car seats and our overnights, then to have that on the bus to the train then to.... you get the idea, it isn't easy to travel with everything you need for your children and aging mom, so it was a blessing to have that one limo ride from our door to the Knights Inn,made some new memories and made good time on the 407, listened to the radio, talked, danced in our seats a little, looked at photo albums and some of us took naps. 

Yes a big factor of looking into times and prices of getting to Lindsay was to get the kids there before Uncle Fred passed away but after I wanted them to meet family it is hard to get to see and create more memories, cherish the time we have with each other, see other family members before it is to late.

Now my 5 year old is asking when is our next trip and can we go camping, it would be nice. I remind them how important it is to listen so when we travel we are safe, it got me thinking I haven't been camping in so long, I am not sure I remember the last time I was camping, I would love to give them boat rides and some camping in a tailor and a tent like some of the best memories I have, I may have been bullied at school and on the street we lived on, but family time was mainly happy times, some rough patches but that was growing up a strong willed female youth, some rebelling on areas I disagreed with but I knew I was loved and I looked forward to our adventures.

I am emotional and teary right now, release is good, some times the timing really sucks, it feels like a combo platter, I think most know what I mean, when you think of it my first born is growing up, sept she will be 12, wants to take babysitting course, taking part in Fab girls and has gone to summer camp, some thing I some  how managed to give her that I didn't have. When we look at mindset even with out a lot of money, slow sells, I say we are pretty successful.

My family is spread out, across Canada, a few in the USA and many are at the age where time is almost out, don't get me wrong the ones close to my age have children so this isn't a our family is dying out, this is a moment of I don't always feel grown up, I sometimes feel like a 11 year old me, missing the family reunions, family members like aunt Amy who loved the Blue Jays and Amelia B books, had fun slippers, or her sister Aunt Marjorie S who collected frogs, because she sold buckwheat filled fabric frogs as a fundraiser to help build a church, lovingly cherished characters I miss that have been part of my story.

 I see a world that has changed, how ever a thought is that maybe it's just more open about what has always been there, that we are seeing it with different eyes, in the media, in our media, Facebook feed full of events that maybe we didn't know about when younger, or had been shielded from, or if it was even reported on.

If any thing I think it is important to check in with each other, as stressful as all the bad news is on Facebook we also get to share our good news, our photo's and connect with each other even when we apart by distance, inspire each other like the hashtag challenges of cleaning up garbage, planting trees and being kind everyday because in this world where we can be anything I know I choose to be kind, caring and compassionate.

May you all be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace be with you. 

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