Community Connecter

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

Creating Connection, Funds, Awareness and Hope. 

You may be asking How do I do that? How do you raise Hope?

There is something about who I am, that no matter what is going on, I see hope.

Example of this gift is that right now while families are torn apart, I see hope, I see we are aware, we are posting on media to show it is happening and that it isn't right. I am witnessing petitions being shared, and humanity standing up for right is right and fighting back, not in violence but encouraging love when there is racism, standing up to bullies, and seeking justice and changes in the law that protect human rights.

I did a facebook status that shared I wanted to build a underground railroad, that I want to share compassion and love because the world needs it.

Media shows school shootings, children shot at a park, children ripped away from parents for seeking aslium (sorry about the spelling, no spell check) not just children suffering but abuse in seniors homes and attacks on homeless, we as humans seem to be in a rage.

Why are we so mad? Are we that greedy? do we need that much power that we must take everything away from some one and then harass them? Did we really lose our humanity? 

Understand I do not claim to have the answers, but their is hope.

You, Dear Compassionate's. You come read my blogs, you seek that inspirition and that recharge of yes we are difference maker's, we are community connectors, we do matter.

You, Dear Compassionate's. Have the power to vote out bad leader's, sign petitions if legal age, if younger you then legal voting age you have the power to ask those who vote to please stop and think about what that means to your future.

You can find a charity that can help these youth in these so called camps, that flood us with thoughts of the Holocaust and 6 million men, woman and children who died because of racism and the need for power.

You Dear Compassionate, have the power to take away stigma and not label a child as a illegal or alien but replace that with a scared youth.

Our mindset Dear Compassions, begins with our own communities and how we treat each other, today you can meet neighbours and make connections, if they need to know where a friend bank is, connect then, online petition to help a neighbour elsewhere in the world that you feel will make a difference sign it, help a next door neighbour mow the lawn or garden don't call bi law, to make a friend be a friend.

Where there is Hatred let us sew love, let us be a connector to peace, let us walk humbly and seek justice.

Don't know your area to share where something is, ask a neighbour, walk the neighbourhood, learn about what you have in the area.

Find out if you have a wrap around, or a castle project, if you have a local group that meets monthly to help your neighbour hood and guess what my advice is if you don't, thats right find out how you can start one, even if you just take truns at each others houses for a bbq or a meal and that connection of how do we help each other.

So Compassionate's a community connector, connects community members to each other and the community assets know as community partners.

We do raise hope, we do let our lights shine to show the darkness is not winning, we do raise awareness of how to help charities and others, even if right now no funds have been raised for those I have teamed up with, I know it will, but right now we need these connections to each other to show compassion is not lost, love is not a myth we will beat the hate.

The Worlds Children need us to wake up, and take better care of each other and Mother earth.

UBuntu - I am because we are. 

Blessings and compassion, connectors, share the kindness, shine the light and have a compassionate day.

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