Compassion Club

I call my email list the Compassion club, I still need to get the hang of mailchimp, but I will get there.

So far I am trying to set it up that you get a birthday email. The email is nothing fancy right now, I don't have a discount as I want to be affordable all the time, after all as a mom of 4 I know how fast money goes out vs coming in.

I would love feedback on what else to add to a birthday greeting, if I do a code maybe a charity of your choice instead of what the creation is raising funds for. I think comments are on.

As you can see I am new to this and not tech savy, I am honest about it because it's the best way to be and builds trust.

The name change from Artist Alley Fundraising to Compassionate Creations had me a little sad, but to many thought of Comic Con so to save the vision and mission I asked in a poll what names where liked best and Compassionate Creations took the lead early and held it, so I took a poll on a tag line, creating connection was getting a lot of votes but I just couldn't completely let go of creating funds, awareness and hope so I used both Creating Connection, Funds, Awareness and Hope.

I believe that Humanity is our business, big fan of The Christmas Carol. Right now the site is simple, but it will have new products added soon enough, I just wanted to get this site live and get people thinking about how compassion is easy to share.

Thank you for reading, please leave comments with your thought on birthday emails and what you want from the compassion club. Have a compassion filled day.


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