Compassion Log - Day 18

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

 Today March 30th My house hold is not ok, it is unrelated to Covid 19, our neighbour and dear friend who my children called Uncle Ryan, passed away last night, he was 55 years old.

Days have blurred in to one with us being home since I guess the first full day was March 14th. I guess it is really day 17, but as I said the days due to flatten the curve this s one long day with no where to go, with naps.

Ems had knocked on our door looking for the basement unit, we said did you mean the back unit, called Ryan on his cell phone to make sure if he called and sure enough he had, he was weak and needed help to stand, he didn't look good, looked confused but you could see the face drupe and you knew it wasn't covid 19, it looked like signs of stroke. That was 1:28 pm Tuesday March 24th.

We went to our living room window as they wheeled him into the ambulance and shouted We love you Ryan Get Better soon, he smiled and me and the kids waved and the dog barked, that's when we really wanted to pant our window, so when he came home he could see how strongly we felt he was family, but sadly he will not see it, he had more mini strokes while in hospital and Doctors missed a blood clot and brain damage occurred, he needed life support and ended up with only a 5% survival rate, meaning if he pulled through he would have been in a vegetated state and we know that wasn't really him, so his family over the phone gave permission to pull the plug, last night around 8:30 pm and a friend of Ryan's knocked on our door around maybe 3:50 pm today so he could give us the news, even though it broke his heart to do so.

We cried, I called my Mom and see wished she could hug us, we said we understood but we must stay a part for each other's health, so we don't end up mourning each other.

It does make you think about how important human touch really is, how special a hug after school can be a uplift to a bad day, a high five for a good job, holding a hand, touch on the shoulder, those simple little things we take for granted.

Not just touch but the sound of someones voice, their tone, expression when they talk, a smile upon their face for seeing you, a wave, a head nod. Sharing meals, loaning each other tools or dvd's, Hospitably in general.    

Ryan Ramoutar Is now reunited with his beloved and cherished Husky, playing together in the clouds, he was 55. 

I feel bad because I don't have any pictures of him, or any of us together, yet he was a big part of our family, treats for the kids, and the dog, he keep saying if we ever move and do get a house make sure there was space for him because he was coming to, we were cool with that, looked into if we could find a place we could afford to pool our money into together, so sad it will not happen.

When Covid 19 is stopped and we quote the movie Home and come into the out now, if you didn't before reach out to that neighbor that lives alone, get to know them, help each other out, we are so grateful we got to know him and come to call him family, friendly since the day he moved in and I think that may have been maybe 4 years ago, feels like time really flew by.

I share my compassion and condolences to his family and friends, we truly loved him like one of our own, the kids will miss Uncle Ryan, but we know he is with our other loved ones. Emotional, Loving Hugs to Heaven. In humor may your new wings help the Toronto Maple Leafs win that Stanley Cup they seem to come close too but don't quite reach, enjoy partying with the ones who made the music you enjoyed, and if allowed watch over us.

Dear Compassionate's my warmest, deepest, biggest, most heartfelt, compassionate hugs, one could ever image receiving to you all, May you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.  

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