Compassion Strong

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Our use of Hashtag's to unite, to stand out, grab attention. From the fires burning in Greece to yet another mass shooting, we must stay #CompassionStrong.

The comments on facebook seems many in the world have lost faith, thoughts and prayers with them are empty words, so how about my compassion is with you? I think I touched on this in another blog but our thoughts shape our actions, it is the difference between us being a listening ear or the mass shooter, ouch right? Our thoughts shape us, to share our compassion with others in the hopes to stop them from becaming a monster, validation is powerful that someone heard you and said I understand how you feel, not that we need to solve there issues but be willing to walk with them on their journey to wellness, a lack of support can add to the stress or depression that one feels, when over whelemed and feeling uncared for anger and bad judgement can take over, be there and maybe you can be that difference, that lighthouse of guiding light to shine hope into some ones life.

No I am not a doctor no I don't play one on tv so please remember to talk to your doctor, a ear to listen and encourage is not the only answer in the world of mental health, but having a supportive friend does help and can go to the doctor with you.

 I see budget cuts to mental health and want to do everything I can to help at the grassroots level, and here on this blog for you to know that people do care, in fact no matter where you are in the world maybe you can comment and leave a chat line number for mental health.

I know here in Canada the awareness colour for mental health is purple, it is also the awareness colour for seizures and Alzheimier's which had been cranberry but all got brunched in together.

I don't have any purple creations right now and would love to see comments of your ideas to raise money to help with mental health, I would love to create that collection together, that you would wear it proudly knowing you helped shape it and helped support mental health.

I think one more tip or insight, inspirition if you will that I want to share about mental health and sharing our compassion before some one takes a life in rage, is to make sure we do self care and self compassion, be kind and caring to yourself, if you need to say no because you have to much on your plate, then say no I can not do it, if you have a child like mine that can have fits be compassionate to yourself and not pay any attention to the strange looks you get when you wait it out.

I don't know where or when the saying keeping up with the jone's came about but we need to stop, no more comparing cars, houses, jobs, children on the fast track to success we have created a very unhealthy way of life and need to return to simple, self paced being happy with what we have and happiest when sharing it.

Again no doctor, no expert just sharing what I see and what I think, I live with the chaos of 4 children all with some scale special need, speech, motor skills, pvp an eye sight issue and a bit bow legged and my husbands cyst on the brain and his risk of seizures, my life can be stressful and so beautiful all at the same time.

That goodness I am a crafter, grab ballons, a bag of flour and make a stress ball, or every one to the table and make slime, get out that colouring book, or the paints you get the point stress relief crafting for the whole family.

In fact I may not get a lot of fans on this but sometimes when my oldest has a freak out, I grab 2 bowls of ice cream, this is a cool down and each spoon full better get you closer to talking to me nicely and share with me whats wrong and why it got to the point of blowing up. It works most of the time but sometimes you just ride out the storm until it passes. Before you ask yes the doctor knows I do this and that we do talk about why she didn't do the coping tools, like deep breathes etc.

It can take a emotional toll on you when you deal with apointment every week, safety plans at school and that phone call that they need to come home because it's effecting the other students, this is when you remember your self compassion and you think to yourself, it's ok, we all have bad days, this too shall pass.

We are all stronger together, with many hands it makes for light work, so to me and this message of Compassion Strong is keep caring, keep sharing, kep listening and keep working together, to make a friend is to be a friend and a good friend is sometimes a huge difference.

If you feel you have a issue with mental health please reach out for help, there is no shame in asking for help, that is a strength. You are not alone, you are cared for, you do matter.

Blessing my compassionate's, stay safe, share daily and remember to be kind to yourself as you are to others, we all get through this life one day at a time, peace.

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