Compassionate's, It's Cold Outside!

Hello Compassionate's, How are you?, I hope you are well.

Baby, It's Cold Outside, a song from a era gone by, so much enegry is going in to banning a song, that I am offended not by the song but at the apathy for those who are homeless and out in the cold, with no shelter.

If all the voices united in a call to action of creating affordable housing instead of this noise about a song, and over analyzing it, fighting about how this group is offended, meaning to sensitive and needs to relax, I could go on about this whole thing but but what if instead of a ban on the song people put there money were there mouth is, every time it comes on put money in a jar, end of the holiday season when the song isn't played give it to a group like Indwell, Good Sheppard or any group that help creates affordable and supportive housing.

Image putting our voices together to encourage local or federal government to enforce inclusionary zoning, meaning you want to build condo's at least 10% are geared to income or affordable and set to no more then 30% of that households income.

Many communities desire healthy mixed neighbour hoods where every one is included, may I suggest we drop fighting a song and fight apathy with compassion and shout Hey, It's Cold Outside we need to help the homeless, maybe if you have $21.80 you could buy a hot chocolate buddy from Tim Hortons or any coffee shop that sells big 10 cup orders to go and give out hot chocolate or coffee or tea, warm drinks to those living on the streets.

Grab friends, had out mitts, scarves, hats, socks and give something to a stranger for the holidays, make a new tradition of serving food at places like Mission Services or Good Sheppard, Helping Hands, I think Food not Bombs gives out food in Core Park downtown.

Turn your holiday party into a fundraiser and see how much you can raise to help raise a roof, get some one out of the cold.

Have a big heart and the knowledge to take on project management, maybe create a business serving others by taking empty building, upgrading them to off grid and rezone for affordable, supportive housing.

Let's stop complaining about songs and meanings of them and focus on our humanity, take action of compassion and help each other. Lose the feeling of entitlement we could lose everything tomorrow and struggle for our lives out on the streets, we can be treated poorly just like the ones homeless now, wouldn't you want hope, kindness from some one to restore your faith?

The Golden rule do on to others as you would want done to you, no matter what faith, this is true, don't hit if you don't want to be hit, if you want compassion and understanding then give it, even if it is not being given to you, keep being kind, keep caring and sharing because that does help make the world a better place, it will find it's way back to you, and when it does it could be in a abundance.

Challenge yourself to awaken your eyes to what life is like at a shelter by volunteering, image if you were hungry and needed food volunteer at a food bank, give some canned good, diapers, pull ups, peanut free snacks for kids lunches.

Yes I can see beauty in the world but I see the apathy, the nasty parts of war, greed, I see hope, as a mom the joy from seeing my youth helping others and I see hope in the smiles, feel there joy like my own and I hope you can feel that too.

To be blessed, to be safe and have that peace of mind, being, peace of soul and being the peace you wish to see in the world, it's a powerful, meaningful blessing that I believe in with my whole self, when I end my blogs I do give you part of my heart and soul, so may you be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace be with you. 

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