Compassion's Log Day 27

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

It has been a rough few days, this morning a friend of my Mom passed away, she found out in the afternoon, no details on the cause of death, it has hit me again just how much you want to hug some one to give comfort in there time of need.

We are grateful that we have each other, yes lately it has been rough, but look at the smiles, that isn't so easy when friends are missed, programs missed, events and a struggle to understand a death, but there is a smile, there is hope and love, the human spirit of life's precious moments. 

The memes of if you come out of this time with nothing done and didn't learn something new isn't you didn't have the time but lack discipline may be true on some levels, but it has me a little upset. We all have different priorities, Do they have kids that need extra emotional support, struggle with one phone doing many jobs to keep up with phone, blog, school work? Have they lost a love one during this time and can't grieve in the way one expects with hugs?, yes if you can mange to learn a new skill or create a new line of income awesome, just don't put so much pressures on others that you expect something from them when their focus is on family and mental health and making it though this, so I have posted one of the ones that point out it is ok to just survive, this is a worldwide trauma and what we all truly need right now is kindness, compassion and understanding. 

Our community is amazing, Gala and community partners including the Easter bunny practiced safe distancing to deliver the goodies that would have been given out this Easter Saturday, The 196 youth program care kits for a beautiful message of we miss you and take care of yourself and remember we care about you, it made me cry and yes tears are running down yet again, I love this community and it's heart, we got our food for kids gift cards and it's a simple relief that we are going to make it, but not every one has those supports, not everyone is getting the help they need. 

 I have many thoughts running though my mind I am not sure where to start, many ways we could learn from this, to look at how are shelters are always full, how we should make better investments in our healthcare on a ongoing bases, how needed mental health services are needed, just so many ideas and dreams of how we come out of this cocoon with strong wings, to really do better not just for our kids but each other, cherish the bonds we have be it family or friends or friends like family, have we said I love you enough? Compassionate's I love you, you rock, you are awesome, you make a difference you may not see, you plant seeds of hope and love, I am proud to cheer you on and inspire.

Let us not take anything for granted, we can live life to the fullest with out it putting some one else down, we gain more when we lift each other up, we see Mother Nature healing, let's keep that going and not argue over is climate change real but how do we balance economy and environmentally friendly sustainable practices for at least 7 generations, I will be 40 in November I am what gen x, not sure what my kids are but this battle of millennials vs boomer isn't what I envision for my kids when it is their turn as parents, it should not be a us vs them, blame game but lessons shared.     

Once again I share my grateful heart for my great grandparents having served in ww1, one a nurse and one building bridges and other jobs he didn't need a gun for, for my grandparents growing up in the depression serving ww2 efforts, grandpa may have never been over seas with his brothers but still did his part and served community with Church and Lions club, My Mom volunteered at my schools, my oldest and I have done the Easter Event together, I was hoping to set away and just start enjoying being there with my family instead of working it this year, but I do like doing my part for Community.

Think I got lost in my thoughts and lost the point I was making, so maybe day 2 I am losing my mind a little, but for the most part I am sure I will be ok, check in on your family and friends, help out if you can, ask and accept help if you need it, I know some of us would rather give then receive, let yourself cry it is a form of healing and release, turn on the music have cleaning as a house party rave kinda deal, it does make me think about the outbreaks before, I guess maybe every 100 yeas or something like that, small pox gave us the kids song ring around the rosie, something to look into and maybe blog about later.

Let this and our day and age of social media record history of coming together for a more compassionate world where we are all Blessed, Safe and Live in Peace.  


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