Covid-19 The Lessons I hope we are learning

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Computer and phone issues mixed with Covid 19 has been interesting to say the least.

The kids and I painted our living room window with a heart to spread hope love and light with a growing movement on Facebook sharing different window ideas and Easter eggs and bear hunts to get us through this self distancing time.

A solidarity we almost forgot existed in a age when every one rushed to work and programs, when apathy had started to take over leaving compassion and kindness as rare acts to be seen, yet here and know when apart and in our homes, here we oddly find ourselves truly reconnecting, emailing, texting chatting on Facebook, and zoom.

We find ourselves witnessing living room concerts, people taking to porches and baloney singing to each other, making music, blue ribbons around tres for the doctors and nurses fighting Covid-19, candles in windows and more.

What a wave of solidarity, together in compassion all doing our part to Flatten the Curve, to slow and maybe stop the spread of Covid-19, what maybe we should have sen with Sars, Mers and H1N1 so the death tolls had not been as high as they were, a show that we have learned from History and are doing are best not to repeat it, it seems some of what we learned in social distancing was done with the 1918 Flu pandemic when record showed the Flatten the curve worked to slow and stop the spread.

For too long we have taken our Health care for granted feeling it was the best and technology and advice's could do anything yet years of cuts have shown the toll taken, a lack of beds, over worked staff , lack of supplies and equipment, how everyday our hospitals where running at max, so now to give our community members a fighting chance we stay home, limit going out reserve that for putting garbage and recycling out, or trips for food.

We see Clean air, clean water as cars are off the road, factories closed planes grounded, trains limited, curies anchored all in a effort to save each other, a feeling of hope that finally we all see, every life matters, Mother Earth Matters, we can make a difference to each other and fight climate change, we can become a healthier society, become more impactfully minded, create more sustainable practices.

A poem came to me, maybe more of a letter :

Dear Children, I am tired, As I am older it has taken a lot out of me to look after you all my dear beloved's, yet my heart has broken many times over as you fight over everything, became less grateful for what I had given you, took more then you needed, broken by your greed.

I need to rest Dear Children, I feel depleted with almost nothing left to give, I need to grieve my dear ones, our lost connection, the loss of simpler times, of simple ways, less stressful demands, of unrealistic exceptions, when you where happy to make mud pies, to blow wishes into the sky, when working together to survive created stronger family bonds.

Then ideas floated about, to make things in mass, jobs I guess were needed, bad air started to flow, I couldn't stop you, then waste less reusing more buying, more travel, not horses but this thing you call cars, more tracks laid for trains, then wars, a very broken Mother grieving that her children didn't care for her or each other, it continued on far to long, I felt no hope no sight.

What was this poor old Mother to do, Dear Children who I love, you needed a time out, sent you to your room, now stay there and really think of what you have done, don't come out till I have had a rest and you can really care for each other, till you find new solutions that don't tear me apart, until you stop taking to much, fight your own greed and be grateful for what you need. 

I felt I raised you better, gave you what you needed, how broken and tired I feel, I do need this rest, this time to be still, to get back in touch, to connect once more. 

Dear Children one more thought to share, remember life is fragile so cherish it while here, we are all valued and held dear, but most of all remember we are also vulnerable, it's ok to be afraid right now, to be sad, it is also ok to feel hopeful and relived, remember to share compassion and kindness all the time, you have the power to be the change you want to see, so Dear Children I hope you see me and else my pan, I hope you feel me and ease my sorrow, Dear Children above all remember I love you and want you to be Blessed to stay safe and for peace to be with you all of your Days.  

Love Always Your Mother Earth.   

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