Creative Block

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

I have been finding my blogging voice when I was trying to find out how to market myself, I can promote community events and support friends and there businesses or there community project, but when it comes to me and making money, I seem to fall.

Designing with purpose vs just creating and I have ended up with a block, mom duties, community events and with not many days left to the end of the school year my thinking cap for gifts for the teachers.

Yesterday, June 25th I started to work on a blog about my grandparents and the twins didn't want to nap, my two oldest came home with report cards and it seemed crazy, my thoughts go all over the place with out noise but it seemed worse yesterday, so I saved what I had and on the social impact base hour this morning, was able to finish it.

The twins played quietly which was nice, My oldest girl is on a school trip, my second oldest is enjoying water day in class today, well the twins went down for their nap late and I feel this blog coming, I saw Tracy live on facebook talking to us in Flourish and Threive about creative block and it hit me, I am suffering from a block.

 I have put extra pressure on myself to get traffic to my website when I have no money for ads, I noticed at least 5 to 8 visits when I posted a blog, then reshare the blog post again the next day, but this small traffic hasn't connected to get sales, but when I see comments on face book the message of the blog has impacted the reader in a inspiring way.

 I am not complaining, I am happy I got a website that works, I am happy to have a small following and to be inspiring others. I learned how to set up mailchimp but haven't done much else with it, I have the facebook page for Compassionate Creations and have kept the Artist Alley page to reach the 230 followers it had, still learning instragram and have been pinning my blogs on pinterest.

I am open to comments and help with spelling mistakes as I know I don't always catch them.

My heart is bigger then my wallet and I think to help end the creative block I am going to step away from the business view for a day or 2 and just let myself create, take of the stress I put on myself to learn the trends, find what sales, how to market and just create, try and not take blurry photo's and just put all the creations I have and put them out there.

When I create I feel a connection to a stranger, a vibe almost of the person who will end up buying it or the one it will be gifted to, I know that might sound strange but 3 years ago I made this long pair of 3 shades of pink, I felt this long, fun light weight and pinks just create itself almost, I had shared a booth with a friend in a event and this pair of earrings drew this person in, they asked how much and I said $12.00 but $6.00 of it is going to help those with cancer, tears came down her face and I said I was sorry for her loss, tears turned to a laugh and she replied that her aunt wasn't dead yet but had just been told about the cancer and she would love those earrings, she's bold and fun but her other earrings have become to heavy for her to wear.

Our sons are now in the same school and it was strange how they had ended up in the same day care not long after she had bought these earrings for her aunt, who loved the earrings, the sad part was that after a year she did pass away but I need to be able to let that happen, the flow of the idea and less of the will this sale, is this a statement piece?  Short form find the balance of create then market, silly how I seem to need to give myself permission to be myself but I think some times that is what we all need.

So Compassionate's be true to yourself, share your kindness and I look forward to sharing what I create. If I haven't said it enough thank you for reading my blog, thank you for making the difference in your communities and be blessed, have a compassionate afternoon, Peace.

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