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Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

I had my first 2 classes of Creative Team this Thursday and Friday the 20th and 21st of Sept, we will finish Dec 7th, I get 12:30 to 2:30 to be kid free, but I do go early to get errands done that can only be done down town, I must say I love Creative Team, only 2 classes in and I have been put in Group one and the teacher is calling us Team Unicorn because she expects magicial things from us, and I think we can deliever.

We already have an idea for our 1st assignment that can show case how talented we are, to share in writting and all roles within a show, we will take turns being in front of the camera, filming with it and directing, I have goosebumps and we are just getting started.

My Impact Base group had a zoom call for the first part of it, it was just me getting some insightful feed back, yes I have a hand full of causes and community partners I wish to support while I make a living and making a difference.

The suggestion was to bring in my 11 year old daughter as a part of the business and aim at her age group because she does inspire my designs and I do empower the youth of the community so it does make a lot of sense, I had once though of charging around $300.00 for a party package that came with 10 craft kits, a hour of lead craft time and some thank you trinket to show $150.00 in the parties honour of a cause they support.

That was 2 years ago and I didn't get much feedback, most of the trends seem to be cake smashes for 1st birthdays and those indoor fun parks.

One down fall, would be I take the bus every where and the taxi can dip into the profit when you don't want to take anything from the cause.

The insight pointed out that I do touch on the bullying I have gone though in my life and it's true the demage is still there, the whole sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, complete bull, nonsense words hurt, take longer to heal from emotional abuse, I know I have suffered all forms of abuse.

37 years old, imposter syndrome coming from years of my peers telling me I would never be anything, amount to anyone, called unloveable, unwanted but I am here, alive, loving my family, and challenging how businesses run, how more businesses can be inclusive, more compassionate.

This isn't just a business, this is a movement, yes I may hurt myself when I aim to be fully inclusive business you sell to everyone you sell to no one, from all the years of being bullied and knowing how it feels, I will find a price point and a cause that empowers you and uplifts you to keep going, to keep being the change you want to see in the world, yes always digging deeper to better express my why and what the language of compassion really looks like.

I have been humble, not feeling special unaware of what I offer, when I make something my heart and soul go into a piece, I know how is that different from other jewellers or artist's and really it's not, think about it, you get a piece of them if you buy from them, their enegry.

I offer you that open, vulnerable, honest, heartfelt, packed full of meaning, empowerment, uplifting reminder that you matter, you matter to me.

To look down on your wrist and see that bracelet, that wearable empowerment, that uplifting, lightweight, tangible, portable piece of hope that reminds of that daily or on the special occasions you are nervous, maybe feel out of place, it's there, you matter, you are special because you are you.

It may not be the charm bracelet with the butterfly, heart, footprint, star or peace sign, maybe we worked out charms with special meanings to you and did a bespoke piece, if it is one I made, my hope and compassion go with you.

Now is the time for businesses to change, when we are deeply effected by climate change, when we see so many acts of violence towards one another, we need to understand that compassion isn't dead, it is strong and we can care for each other, we don't need to compete with each other we can work in compliments to each other, like my team unicorn, we are going to take turns and truly highlight each others skills as we each learn those new skills.

We are a team, do I solve a issue? maybe not but I offer you a part of my heart, my compassion.

My Logo, The heart, to love yourself and you neighbour and let those daily acts of kindness come from love, the colours of pink and purple known for creativity and compassion and love, the Ubuntu symbol of I am because we are in blue for loyalty, loyalty to humanity, to those daily acts of kindness and compassion, that self love, self care, self compassion. Designed with great meaning, empowerment and hope.

I hope to include my mom, my daughter and her bestie in the future of Compassionate Creations, much like the dream I had when Artist Alley to support other Artist's, I saw this vision of a company that didn't just fund raise for causes but lifted up other local artist's and that is still there.

The charm bracelets will still go to housing, denying housing is a form of bullying we must all stand up to, we must protect the simple human right to a roof over our heads, to be safe and comfortable so we can make that difference to each other, so we can see the peace on earth we dream about.

I will keep sharing with you my ongoing transformation, the way of compassion looks different to everyone so we must find out how that looks to one another, please feel free to share that in the comments, is your compassion by feeding the homeless? do you donate clothes every spring and fall cleaning? do you give to a food bank every time you buy your food? do you make those plastic sleeping matts from milk bags or other bags you made into plarn? I would love to hear from you.

Keep your head held high, stand tall, embrace yourself and love who you are, your self worth is priceless, no one else can be you, be blessed and stay safe and may peace be with you.

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