Day 3 of the Challenge

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Day 1 your why, that's where you start when purpose driven, Day 2 focus on you who, who you sell to and who benefits from your shared profit, or staffing, sourceing, sharing and selling, 4 ways to impact.

Today the focus is How. How do you focus on that one cause or impact, so with me, I have shared I do have more then one why, summed up as Making a difference is a part of who I am, my who at this point is my Compassionate's, my tribe that supports what I do and shares in the dream, vision, movement, my how is selling products I create that are handmade and heartfelt so I can give 50% of the price to a community partner who is out in the field of service that needs those funds to keep up their good work.

I am doing my best to blog for the 5 days in a row of the challenge but a mirgraine is kicking my but today, so it may be shorter then most.

Still working on that whole focus on one to start with, I did a lot of different products when I still saw this as a hobby before my mindset was more business driven, in fact that's when I think I had the most sales, but it was at a loss, I focused on the camp bracelets at $6.00 each to give 3 to R.O.C.K slow way of raising money but for about 4 years I raised $100.00 a year, up until the birth of my twins, breaking down what it really cost to make them I raised it to $10.00 so I could match the cost of 5 with give 5 and the cents I just dropped so it was even, but with no sales of those bracelets, I started to add on to my web store so I can keep have something new and traffic worthy on my website.

I think that's all I will share today, it's a bad mirgriane the typing of the keys sounds like deep drums and my twindom is screaming extra cranky today, maybe they have headaches too, any way I was here for the live and have shared some reflections on day 3, as always I hope you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you, have a compassionate afternoon, keep up the kindness and be #CompassionStrong.

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