Day 4, Blog 4 Creating that Offer

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Day 4 of the challenge from crafting your why to your first offer to customers, I wasn't planning on blogging every day but as a big picture type of person, I believe in sharing info that could help you to be empowered or enlightened.

Today my oldest turns 11 years old, Supercrawl will have to wait for sat as it is a school night, so pizza and doing some tye die it is, still have a bit of a migraine left but can stand a bit more sound and lights today.

My offer? Gives me more questions, then answers. As a customer I know creations like jewellery are not a need, they are desires, as a mom I know kids can pull on them or if older claim them, our money doesn't seem to go as far as we would like now a day, you make sure rent is paid, you have food and clean clothes and extras have to wait.

A question of how do you wrap Hope up it a bow, Does my item really help you feel connected? Try it! Really I keep the prices affordable so you can buy it and feel good about helping a cause as you treat yourself or give a heartfelt gift, you wouldn't lose anything.

Maybe a Offer like What is your Dream Creation that is worth $20.00 with $10.00 to a cause of your choice, custom created for you and your cause, is that worth treating yourself then?

How about I back up a bit, this 5 day challenge is building up to a webanair of how as Social Impact businesses we can Impact 100 lives, this has been designed to get you from the idea to a offer and humble me, doesn't feel that I have anything that special to offer, I try to create connection and hope during awareness and fundraising, my offer is that you are a part of that, you are a super hero to the kid that get's to camp, or the family who gets a roof over there heads or any cause you share your support in.

I know right off the bat I impact my 4 children and their friends, My Husband, My Mom and Step Dad and at Easter Time for the Gala Spring Festival and the team of volunteers who help the day of, the donation of prizes, our Community partners who give books I know I have impacted over a hundred lives a year in my community, this is what year 4 of me being a part of the team that plans it, Impacted 25 at Holidayfest in it's first year, How about the 5 loyal blog readers?

I stump myself because I deeply believe that you don't always need money to make a good impact, you need a compassionate heart and a place to start, give of your time.

Fast forward back to what I offer and you can see, I offer you encouragement to do your part to change the world and don't just ask for you to buy something, I ask you to invest your time in to the cause you support, to be the change you want to see in this world, yes if you can invest in a local handmade, heartfelt artist like myself, wanting to earn a living while making a difference.

The school bell is about to ring and my second oldest will be home soon and my oldest well be at her after school program so I will take me leave for today and get things ready for the small but hopefully fun little party for my birthday girl.

I have thought of offering to come out to parties and do a craft that teaches recycling and a simple why to express ones self, like paper beads, or melted crayon art but I haven't known what that would be worth to some one, so maybe my loyal blog readers could leave a comment about what type of offers you'd like to see and we can grow from there.

Be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace be with you.


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  • Thank you

    Sarah Merritt
  • I love your compassionate heart, and your heartfelt desire to make a difference and to model that for your children. Wonderful. And I know that you impact many lives, through your community involvement. Blessings to you and your beautiful family <3

    Cindy McPherson

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