Death By Number''s

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

I saw a post that a few of my friends shared, a fair question asked with the numbers of world wide death's from Jan 1 2020 to March 25th 2020.

Covid 19 - 21,297  spreadable before symptoms show for up to and maybe past 14 days. May live on unclean surfaces for up to 17 days if the info in the articile was correct, can pass in droplets up to 3 ft, live on shoes 5 hours, clothes for 6 to 12 hours and metal up to 3 days, but do your own research, maybe look up over pandemics to it was a interesting read. 

Seasonal flu (or not confirmed tested from covid 19?) 113,034 deaths.  I do not know the ages, or where in the world these deaths took place, but some one out there has calls to action for better health care, for access to flu shots, for caring for people over profits, and some may be from a faith that believes it s God who calls them home or heals them and just does comforting and not treatment.

 Malaria 228,095 world wide deaths for the time frame of jan1 to march 25th.  For any one who doesn't know Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite. The parasite is transmitted to humans through the bites of infected mosquitoes. People who have malaria usually feel very sick, with a high fever and shaking chills. Each year, approximately 210 million people are infected with malaria, and about 440,000 people die from the disease. Some groups fund raise for special nets to protect you while sleeping, and the oral treatment to remote areas most effected. 

Suicides 249,904  a hard number to look at, we have kid help phones, crisis center's like The Barrett Center, Safe Talks and Wrap around Hamilton, The Lost organization, many try hard to create safe spaces so people in need can reach out and ask for help and have supports to live but that number shows that around the world we need to do better at getting supports to those in need, so do a little research and find out what is offered where you live and how you can help.

Traffic Fatalities 313,903 don't know the break down of drunk or distracted, speeding, or something faulty with the vehicle, we take it for granted that standards and tests are done, safety ratings, seat belts, air bags, new features, new laws, child seats, weight, height and age with where seat belt seats, that some of us may get a lead foot, go to fast on a wet road, or have a drink and drive when a friend would have come with and drink coffee, or a taxi, some may have been hit as predestines. We see laws evolve and change as needed, ride programs, and tougher sentencing, do your part and be careful and alert behind the wheel.

HIV/AIDS 390,908  Again no idea of from where, if access to the latest treatment, access to prevent, education and protection, or how long they did mange to live with it, I know my share of advocates that do their part to champion this cause.

Alcohol 581,599 this breaks my heart, did they have access to treatment, with LCBO still open during this it seems there is more access to the alcohol then the treatments and supports Like AA, not every one can go online for the meetings, we need to make sure we really step up to get those supports for those in need of help.

Smoking 1,162,481 you would think with the education of what it does and the photo's on the pack and the price more people would think twice and start quiting, start taking better care of themselves, but maybe there is that hope from knowing about chemo and bone marrow and the money that goes to research that they will be able to beat it, we have screening like the castle bus and who didn't grow up taking a dollar or more to school for the Terri Fox run, we see the daffodil sales, even I sell the pink ribbons but that goes to the Cancer Assistance Program not funding research. Which leads to the number for Cancer itself in all it's forms, it sucks at any age and any stage with 1,909,804.

Hunger 2,382,324 mind is blown, really scared to learn how many children is in this number, not sure I am in a good emotional mind to tackle the looking deeper into where the numbers are highest and right now with the panic buying we witnessed here, I would love to state Learn to Share, or how about stop the wars so they can get food and clean water, stop polluting so bad that they can once again grow there own food, stop over fishing for money, you hopefully get the point, we are in lock down right now, together around the world, we can make a difference, we are seeing it, everyone should be able to eat.

See I know here we have Living Rock, Mission Services, Good Sheppard, Salvation Army and more food banks and meal programs, groups like Food 4 Kids and facebook groups where you need something you ask and mostly you can get what you ask for, because people do care and people can share.

Sponsor programs are still around to get help to others in areas having hardships, like floods or drought, war torn where my heart aches for them, maybe I will end up adding some new fund raising lines during this time, I am the kind of person that feels I could always do more to help or at least always try and help.    

9,913,702 not from heart attack or stroke, not from war, this big number is from Abortion, no info on the break down of was this a miscarriage labelled abort which happened to me in 2012, I said that wasn't a choice, but the term still aborted, how many are from rape survivors that have been left pregnant from the rapist? How many under age? This is a very hard number to see, you know I fight for supports to help people live, but for rapes I respect that hard choice and that it is their choice, we should not add to the trauma

We live and we learn, we seem to have learned from the 1918 flu, we didn't want to witness the number of H1N1 and Sars. We seem to still value human life, we do witness some value profit over people but most of humanity remains. 

Did I answer that burning question I have seen posted though out my Facebook news feed of why now? why this cause? what's the real agenda? and the rest I can't seem to remember right now, my thoughts are that there are champions for each cause, groups that do their part, UNICEF, Lions Clubs, Rotary and many others, helping in many ways not everyone sees, those numbers don't mention Heart attacks and stroke, Lupis, M.S, or some others, many awareness ribbon are out there and some overlap in colour. I don't know why now but it seems we all needed a wake up call, why this my thoughts are because it spreads before symptoms show up and that seems like a faster spread again just my insight and thoughts and maybe not even in a clear mind, with the passing of Ryan still feeling fresh.   

 I guess it comes down to what I express the most, if you have a passion for a cause, do your best to make a difference and be that change you want to see in the world, if that means you are able to volunteer with a food bank, or give rides to appointments, help weed gardens and clean alleys, or give a donation to your cause of choice, it could even be your voice and raising awareness, blog, podcast or youtube, just try your best and do it from your heart, as that is where the power to make change happens.

As always Compassionate's I want you to Be Blessed, Stay Safe and for Peace to be with you.     

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