Different Sides To Each Other

Hello Compassionates, how are you? I hope you are well.

April 28th was our Family and friend gathering of Uncle Fred. It was also a day of mourning for workers killed on the job. My Mom had prayers for her child hood best friend and I know her best friend would have loved to have been there for my mom to give her a big hug, both remembering people deeply loved.

I have done my blogs about Lilic Lodge and the Obit from Rex's point of view but I learned things I had not known, how many from Queen's Rangers school remembered him for being shy but having a amazing singing voice, ring of fire seemed to be the fave, I learned from the past band mates about the drumming and how he liked to cut drum solos short for his legs to have a break, and parties, I knew my uncle was a good cook and enjoyed the bbq but it sounded like he hosted some really good parties when he lived on his own.

It was really nice to catch up with some of the people from Lilic Lodge, the one from next door is a blogger now, saw some cousins it has been too long since seeing each other.

We all have different sides of ourselves and share those with different people, like someone thinking your shy and quiet could be you know they need to have a good friend that listens, a ability to read a crowd to know what records to play so people dance, reading a mood to know when to do a game, my uncle was a little of all of it, I knew bits and pieces but enjoyed hearing the memories of others.

My children got to play with their cousins that we don't see as much as we like, it was nice, I thought back to playing with mine at my uncles stag and doe and the wedding, the friends at the Lilic Lodge and felt blessed, that even with his death back in Feb, Uncle Fred was able to bring us together one more time.

At the Rec Centre a motorbike course was set up in one parking lot and some where there was a dog show, we found that out at the Hotel, a smile came to my face as I could feel him with us for those where two things he liked.

Nap time is over and so is my time to blog so I will end it here, wishing you all and all your sides to be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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