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Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

With everything that's going on in the world we some times need a way to relax and unwind, so I was trying some of those quiz apps that are in face book, what's your mermaid name? I got Silver Fisher, it was kind of fun to think about what would my home look like under the sea, I choose the role of healer and a coral home and that my hair and tail would match and be like silver and pearl, long and beautiful, with a starfish to finish off the look, this was after taking the quiz of am I a mermaid, unicorn or dragon, I got mermaid, I have always been a bit of a water baby and compassionate but I did think I was going to get unicorn, as growing up I believed them to be compassionate and healer's, either way it was kind of fun.

Some of these quizes have been pretty spot on about who I am, compassionate, giving, strong a warrior for the cause, admirable, authentic, sincere, radiant and accomplished, it included special, reliable and hopeful, one quiz app even said amazing.

I needed to hear it, the app also had faceapp makes your front facing photo look better, brings out highlights we don't always see in ourselves, I played with 4 different photo's, to feel pretty, look successful because at the time I wasn't feeling it, I was feeling Imposter syndrome.

We can all have days when we feel down on ourselves, some have them more then others, it doesn't make us fake or pity seekers it just means we are open to sharing how we are feeling at that moment, remaining honest and humble that we all share the connection of being human.

The apps range from a word of the month to are you mermaid, dragon or unicorn, my word for the month of September was Happiness, cute right? how it worded that my manta is life is to short not to be happy or was it anything but happy? I don't remember know just said I was full of joy and positivity, my eyes reveal a kind old soul sharing whisper's of love and positivity into everything I do, a lot of the apps said the same thing, colour of my soul was no different, are you ready for this? Pink, my grandma's fave colour but the meaning may be spot on, A dreamer, visionarie who from a young age thought and acted with understanding of the big picture, that there is more then the here and now and have always been destined for big things and that nothing will stop me from reaching them.

 I got to see inside a magic mirror and see myself at 80 years old, or what I would have looked like as a male, I played with 2 photo's for it and saw what Jonathan Charles would have looked like had he made it all the way to birth. For any new readers that was to be my twin brother who miscarried at 4 months along, after mom fell down the stairs, not something talked about much, but he is a part of my why, I make a difference to honour him and the life I feel he met have had based on this feeling he saved me. 

Found out my most used words were Honesty, Respect,Love and Truth.

Just because we don't always see something in ourselves doesn't mean it's not there, I don't know the coding or algo rythems used but found a lot of these apps and questions rather uplifting, questions asking about temper, roles I see myself in, did I want a underwater castle, or one made from shells or coral, what body of water I'd live in, some apps said what flower, what symbol you are based on your answers even what kind of storm you are, it can be fun and take us out of the chaos of the world around us for a little bit, but they can also make us really stop and think, questions focused on temper for exampe asked short fuse, takes alot, pretty easy going and really depends on what is making you angry, another one I felt made me think was do I like to travel? the desire to travel and money to travel feels different to me,I took that one maybe twice to see the different answer, I stopped to think on the one that asked free spirit or routines,I was hoping for a middle ground answer that could maybe read like routines may be good at times but let your free spirited shine inbetween, I found I really started to look inwards at who I felt I was or even who I still want to evolve to be.

Before the apps I was already looking into the meanings of colours and their meanings like how purple covers sensitive,compassionate,understanding, supportive and how when I get my crayon drawing of my logo to a computer jpg I would like purple as one of my colours along with blue and red and maybe a hint of pink.

I found the Ubantu symbol after googling signs and symbols of compassion, I thought about if it would work in a heart and my mission to to create connections, awareness, funds and hope. If you haven't read any other blogs Ubantu means I am because we are, I feel it fits in with another mission of humanity being our business and looking past profits and embracing purpose in everyday life, that a smile on a happy customer, the knowing we touched one life, maybe touched ones person soul can almost be more rewarding then that profit, yes we all desire a comfortable living, we all desire the funds that let us have the money to travel or treat our children to what we didn't have or even something we did have access to.

Relax and unwind, take time to clear your mind, take a deep breathe and for a moment just be, from bare foot in a garden, planting seeds or pulling weeds, to a warrior pose on a yoga mat, a coffee or tea with a friend or a app for that, in this busy time, this over drive remember to show yourself self love and compassion so you can keep doing those daily acts of kindness that you do as together we are #CompassionStrong as I wish you to be blessed, stay safe and for peace to be with you. 

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