Family Day Thought's In My Head

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I Hope you are well.

Today Feb 18th 2019 is Family day, kids have it off of school and my oldest really slept in, we let her sleep in as we think  she is feeling unwell.

If I had remembered today was family day I may have looked into getting the kids to Lindsay Friday night, to have time with Uncle Fred over the weekend and could have traveled back today, but my head was in a fog, an emotional haze, a blur of days, mixed with snow days, and the chaos family can bring,  I was thinking march break, make it like a vacation, Hoping he last that long and that the funds all work out.

My research shows a cab or ride share for 6 from Oshawa to Lindsay $288.00 that's one way. Via doesn't book six tickets a head of time, I know the GO train is $18.85 each for 2 adults one way, can't remember price of tickets for youth, was thinking of Via for the snack cart and WiFi may be more of treat and way to help my 4 be good, Entertained for the long trip, also have to buy 3 car seats or see if we can borrow some, it takes longer to get ready for many things. Honestly it also takes longer to blog.

Found some deals on just hope it's not all booked by the time plans can be made.

Not really ready to let go just yet, still hopeful to grant his wish of seeing the kids. We are never fully ready to let go of our loved ones, we are left feeling a little empty, I like to look at it as a piece of me is in heaven with them as we hold each other in our hearts, that a piece of them is still here but differently, Death has been no stranger, each time leaving a mark, a stronger desire to make a bigger difference in the world, to leave my mark of compassion in my family legacy of love, our philanthropy that runs though our veins, to leave this world a better place, feels a little selfish to say because I had been in it, lived as fully as I could, made a difference where I could, inspired, uplifted, Blessed those I met and some I didn't just impacted by my compassionate spirit and the connection, awareness and funds and Hope I raised.

My Uncle is 68, I am 38, I am really hoping I will get more time then that but he wanted more time to, I know some didn't even get blessed with 38, I do my best to be grateful for what I have gone though, some pain I haven't shared with you, because I believe it shapes us like polished stones, I have been looking into understanding sound, colour the different healing of rocks, digger deeper into making creations that really help with connection and I don't just mean with each other but to connect strongly to ones self, be at peace and love with who you are and how you matter no matter how bad you feel.

Co Designing with my daughter feels like it creates a connection to ones youthful heart and inner child, to bright, fun, uplifting spirit, still ready to take on what ever comes next, add the mix of lived experience of purpose and though, reflection and blessing and Compassionate Creations is really shaping up to be a Impactfully Rich business.

Sure it is a struggle now, like the butterfly working out it's wings to fly free from the cocoon and soar, almost float upon the winds current as if fluttering in a dream between heaven and earth, but it had to struggle first, take it's time to grow from Caterpillar to Butterfly.

We human's are funny, we try to fit in, then we try to stand out, yet what if we focused on just being who we are?

I must have faith that I can grant my uncle's wish if he still feels well enough, I must have faith it is God's well, other wise I drive myself crazy, it will all work out, I enjoy sharing this journey with the few loyal readers i have who I feel quietly nod and feel they matter, or wow reading that I feel blessed for a less chaos filled life, or if she can make it, if she keeps trying then so can I.

 A gentle reminder that everyday is family day, valentine's day, Christmas, New Year's all the holidays that cherish time together as a family, creating memories, saying I Love You, we can lose track of the fact we may not get a tomorrow, some put up a good fight against cancer but other's die in a car crash, we never really know, and never fully ready to let go, so make it all count, make those memories, give hugs, say I Love you and cherish everyday, do those acts of kindness, love yourself, be kind and share, that's what helps make the world a better place.

Happy Family Day Compassionate's, Be Blessed, Stay Safe, and Peace be with you.



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