First Blog of 2019

Compassionate's Happy New Year!

Hello and how are you? I hope you are well. Hope you had a safe and happy new year's party, or for some who like being at home with family and friends for a not so wild night I hope all of my compassionate's enjoyed bringing in the New Year.

My best wishes for everyone is as you know that you be Blessed, stay Safe and that Peace be with you. Starting my blog with a bit of an ending today as e have said good bye to 2018 celebrated in 2019 and reflected on the past year and look forward to the new.

My word for the year is Better, that the year be better for everyone, that everyone's health is better, that we all feel better, do better and together make better impacts.

Last year I had a slow start, a unplanned 2 years off from my business became a total re brand, I had to also re frame my mindset as I had noticed I fell back into crafting as more of a hobby and less of a business.

November became my best month for sales and $105.00 was raised for Indwell, some of you already know that my goal for each cause is $20 Thousand, this comes from the longest cause I have supported being Raising Our Communities Kindness (R.O.C.K) they need that amount to send 20 youth to camp. Until the 2 years off for all the specialist appointment's for my twindom I had raised about $100.00 4 years in a row in 4 events a year, blessed that back then each event was free, I also had lower prices as my sight was on the fundraising only and a little less of making a real living off of it.

Affordable Housing isn't really a new cause to me, I have over the years taken part in many fundraising efforts to help create new affordable housing, when I took part in the Neighbourhood Leadership Institute which helps you learn about project management in your community I learned rezoning a building so it could become affordable housing is a $20 thousand dollar fee submitted to the city  how ever no refunds and you can still be denied, felt right to just keep the same goal for all 3 causes.

Could supporting 3 be the reason things are slow, yes how ever to be true to myself I couldn't drop one, Cancer has been a leading cause of Death in my family, many friends thankful have battled and won, a handful have not, some are still fighting, the Cancer Assistance Program is a blessing here in Hamilton, loaning out wheelchairs, walkers, helping with rides and help with any thing else you may need help with that they can do, based on donations of funds and volunteers.

I have been trying my hand at resin and so far my results not so good, I will keep working at it but the desire to add another major cause that has had deep impact on my life from my family and friends has been Heart and Stroke and I will work to get The Humble Hearts Collection created, I started designing it in July after the death of my friend Paul who died of a Heart Attack in his sleep.

The Twindom's nap time is almost over so I will wrap it up, here's to all of us Compassionate's keeping up daily acts of kindness, self love and care here in 2019 as we be blessed, stay safe and peace be with us.


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