First Day Back

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Today is the first day of school, my oldest started grade 6 and tomorrow my second oldest goes to sk, makes you think where did the time go?, It won't be to long until my twindom is in daycare but cherishing them home for now, I am in no rush, when my oldest hits grade 8 the twins start school, for 1 year all 4 will be in the same school, then of to high school, yikes.

Life doesn't always go the way we planned or even what we thought we wanted, some times it isn't easy to go with the flow, you can feel crushed by the weight of the world, a wave of overwhelem that we feel from out side pressure, how every one else has a influence that we may not always notice, ads that tell us what success looks like, what is cool for back to school, this is the best back pack to have, and our youth get sucked in, beg us buy me this, buy me that, want this, need this, when they don't need it just want it, we all know those meltdowns and may remember doing that ourselves, it can make back to school really stressful, on both child and parent.

I remember, back to school shopping, wanting to fit in and not be teased for not being cool or in style, I remember thinking about how back to school meant being asked what did you do over the summer and thankfully it wasn't all bad, at least not to me, I enjoyed working the Copetown Lions Club trailer events, took day trips here and there, one summer we had 3 weeks of exploring Canada, it wasn't fancy trips like some other students who got to France or Hawaii, the big trips that take lots of money my family didn't have, some kids have less and we should be aware that it can make back to school hard on them, start off on the right foot and share some compassion, make compassion cool and in fashion.

Our plans didn't exactly work out this summer, couldn't afford for all of us to go to my cousin's wedding in Kingston, we had wanted to make it into a cool trip with a hotel and everything but didn't work out, wanted to visit Uncle Fred before his next round of treatment stay at his place for a little bit, but again didn't work out that way, and would have loved to get camping but almost all summer plans didn't work out, we did get to It's Your Festival and Festival of Friends and made Peachfest a girls only day, we made the most of it, like we do, feels like a family thing, after all my grandfather would say we aren't lost it's adventure, I do my best to teach my children the same thing, to go with the flow and make the most out of what you do have.

I used the same back pack for as long as it last, same lock and took good care of my binders, got at least 4 years out of most of them, it is nice to get new from time to time, but we do need to break free of the pattern of being wasteful.

This may be strange but I had this thought about potatoes, during the depression a company noticed the bags being turned into dresses because of the lack of funds, upcycling before it was called upcycling but called boot strapping, one company decided to pick nice fabric and do a range of them for this very reason, the use of the bag to dress or anything you could create to use or create and sell, that business had a social impact and ended up with more customers because of that extra service.

I'm sorry I think I have lost the train of thought I had, it seems to be one of those days, even though my twindom is being good today and playing nicely, my mind seems to be going a million miles a minute and getting no where fast, so I think I will end here with this thought, no matter if it is your first day back to school and new job remember to treat others with the respect and kindness you would like to be treated with, we never know the struggles others are going though and we may be a light that shines a little light of hope in there day, it could be extra food in a school lunch to share with friends, it could be extra pencils for classmates, you can always fit kindness into your day.

Compassionate's as always I hope you well stay safe, be blessed and Peace be with you.

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