First School Day of 2019

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

The twindom is napping and it's quiet as my 2 oldest are back in school after the holiday break. Taking this time to blog, I was able to make two silver bell charm bracelet's last night even with the migraine, started a few of the compassion charm bracelet's still waiting on some of the charms to be delivered but when they do make it here it won't be to long to get them finished. Got a load in the washer and one in the dryer things are looking good.

 Soon I will find out if I am in the bootcamp on the 15th see how much more I can grow, my resin molds are here so I will see if I can get some of my designs done in resin, looking into the barton street act crawl style event the first friday of the month, if price is right and it's not to far to go with my items in a wagon.

 There are days I wish I had a car or a van and my license thankfully most of my life I have been on a bus route or been up to walking but till that day if really need be I will make do.

I forgot to mention at my year end blog that my oldest daughter had asked for enough money to buy everyone of her classmates plus her brother a candy cane candy gram and her teacher wrote her a very nice thank you card for her kindness and compassion and spirit of sharing, how awesome is that.

7 days into the new year and I don't have to much to report, my friend and I haven't had a chance to do the product photo shoot to improve my photo's here on my website or facebook page but we will get timing worked out. Blogging just to get back into the swing of things to be in touch and connect with one another and what can be a hard time of year for many, a new year and new goals that may not be going so well can leave many stressed and even depressed so know that I am here for you, cheering you on.

Maybe I will have more to blog about next week so Compassionate's as always keep up the good work of sharing daily acts of kindness and being the change you wish to see, remember to include your self love, care and compassion to that daily kindness to keep yourself healthy to share the love, be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.  


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