Guess this is my year end reflection.

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

It has been a hard Christmas for some, my upstairs neighbor went though a very traumatic event of being assaulted and car jacked at the corner store just before Christmas, the truck is a write off, she is shaken but healing, a school mate of my oldest daughter came home on the Friday Dec 21st last school day of the year to find during school there had been a fire and the community has rallied with gift cards and giving up presents to help the family out, a friend of mine had his Mom pass away on the 28th, the 29th was my Aunt Doris's Angel birthday and today marks my Grandmother's 8 th Angel Birthday.

 2018 has been interesting, a mix of blessings and some curses. I started the year with Flourish and Thrive Re brand Boot camp I signed up for the wait list to do it again to see if I have made enough head way and to challenge myself at being even better at making the hand made heartfelt creations.

I signed up for the Laying the Foundation Live from FTA and found Impact Business Base and signed up for it, By April I had my website here on Shopify started and running and keep growing it, I have a Instagram page with 147 followers and growing, a business facebook page with 60 likes and followers and growing and I still post on my Artist Alley Facebook page with 234 followers and likes.

A sad reflection is that Canada Day July 1st my friend Paul went to bed and never woke up, a few years older then me and he had a heart attack in his sleep, I prayed for his mom as it was her first Christmas with out her son, I wrote a blog to honor him, it is still my most read blog with 33 readers.

 Seems like November was my best month business wise, got my first vendor event and did alright, looking for more in my local area as I would be walking with the wagon and not to pricey, still waiting on some supplies that I ordered before the event but we did have a mail strike in Ontario so should be here soon.

 Grateful for City School Mohawk and Creative Team I enjoyed every class, the photo I choose for this blog was of our tour of Cable 14 got to eel the weight of the camera's. 

Working towards podcasts and maker video's for youtube or IGTV next year maybe I will do a pitch to Cable 14 in their showcase just can't promote the business that much if I were to get the show. 

I would love to attend Mohawk find some course that would help me grow in business and balance my love of the entertainment industry I have been missing for some time, I saw a course on the history of crafts that looked interesting, many courses looked really good, I will be looking into maybe signing up for a fall course or may wait a little bit longer to attend.

$105.00 was raised for Indwell in assisting in the creations of affordable supportive housing, long term goal is for at least $20 thousand dollars, yes I am thinking a year and per cause but that's the long term goal, we will get there together with baby steps, as we come to trust one another, when we reach the point that you feel you know me well enough to ask for something customized just for you or as a gift, in the mean time I cherish us working towards a special bond as compassionate's, encouraging each other to keep up the good work of daily acts of kindness, including our self love.

I know my writing this may not have the best flow, my heart is with all who are struggling with this time of year, from a car jacking, accidents, loss of a loved one or a fight with cancer, know that my compassion and prayers are with you as I mean it very deeply very time I say be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace be with you.

Happy New Year Dear Compassionate's Thank you all for your support this year, Let's keep up the good work and make 2019 Better, make a Better World Together, sharing our blessings, keeping each other safe and living in peace.

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