Happy Birthday To US

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Happy Birthday to US, Compassionate Creations is 1 year old today, I feel like we should all do some sort of dance and cake smash, lol.

It is hard to believe it has been a year already, I am grateful for loyal readers and the few loyal repeat customers, grateful for the Hamilton Maker's box Easter Box team up and reaching a few new customers.

Slowly we have been building a relationship of trust and shared impact, and in Nov of last year together helped create $105.00 for affordable housing in Hamilton and With a Custom order and the Easter Boxes $40.00 for Sending youth to camp and our shared Impact will keep growing, who knows maybe one day we can raise a full $20 thousand to help send 20 youth to camp, that would be amazing.

You as a loyal Compassionate have read about the struggle of balance but the hope and purpose we share in pushing forward and that never give up we can do it spirit.

I took a short break from the custom orders to bring you this Birthday Blog, 1 year ago I was finishing the Flourish and Thieve Academy Laying the Foundation Live online course to become a better crafter, then found The Impact Business Base to become a better Impactfully Minded Business. 

After 2 years off because of my twins I couldn't reboot Artist Alley the mission of making a living while making a difference needed to remain and lead to a complete rebrand, new name, new website, new facebook page and in some ways a new me. 

I hadn't fully realized that my mindset had been a little stuck in hobby mode, more then business mode, that after years of being bullied some where in my mind I still didn't fully believe I am worthy of doing will, that I can do it, that I am good enough.

My oldest daughter is in grade 6 and is in FAB Girls, every Tuesday from 6pm to 7:30 pm they run as the end event will be a 5k run and fundraisier for FAB girls as it's a free fitness/self esteem program for these young women, they spend some time playing games that still provide fitness, do a goal sitting journal and talk openly about young female issues and how to have good self esteem, I may add some bags to my products as I made my daughter a cute light weight bag she could run with to keep her water bottle with her, this bag seemed to be liked by the other young women in the program so maybe I can help raise some funds and awareness for this 10 year old program that needs $200.00 per young women to provide brand new running shoes and 2 shirts for the 3 running events they can run in for free because of the donations to the program.

Impactfully I know to many causes can overwhelm, so little me so little funds to support, each has a special place in our hearts, I also know we like choices and variety, it's a part of why I would love feed back so much, so you can get something you want or need and support the cause your passionate about, I like us being a super hero tag team, it's when we work together that great things happen and we can show what unity in community look like.

So here's to us and team work, 1 year mark for Compassionate Creations and may we be blessed with many more, and may you be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace be with you. 

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