Happy Easter

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Here we are, Easter Monday and many events would have been held over the long weekend, communities would have gathered, to return home with smiles and goodies, in Gala the Easter Bunny had volunteers deliver the goodies a little early and with safe distancing, the leaders of the 196 youth program as made special goodies to remind them that they are missed and cared for and a pick me up to help them in this stage time. This is why I am proud to call Gala home.

I understand it would be nice for family or friends to come over, we are social creatures, but for love we must stay apart, so we can gather some other day.

Facebook posts have shown how creative family and friends can be of zooming together for the Easter meal or posted photos of what they made, so there was still a sense of gathering while safe distancing.

Colour pages turned window decor, and me with out a working printer. Ran out of paint, back at March break my 3 old twins wasted most of the craft supplies, my phone doing the work of a computer for entertainment and schooling so if I have missed your call I am very sorry.

I guess I am not in the writing or holiday mode today, we didn't have any special meal, realized we used the ham and everything else a little earlier, doing our best to find ways to make this staying home gig as pleasant as possible for the kids as we can.

So before I sign off on what feels like a short touching base blog, First Happy Easter, Belated Happy Passover and other holidays that are celebrated at this time of year. 

Second Thank you to my dear friend Ron Dorval fo permission to use his photo with this blog, I love that your hobby and eye share moments of peace with others.

With that Dear Compassionate's as always May you be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace be with you. 

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