Happy July

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

I want to wish you a happy July, were us Canadian's had Canada Day and our neighbours in the USA had the 4 of July and one of my face book friends says this is Ice Cream month, so compassionate's I say happy July, instead of saying let them eat cake, I say Let's eat Ice Cream.

June 28th was my best friends birthday, so on record here once again I will wish Jason a happy birthday, it was also the kids last day of school until sept. 

With this crazy heat wave we haven't gone out to much, the twindom is teething and extra cranky in this heat, we did brave the heat to attend It's Your Festival at Gage Park on Canada Day, We did the splash pad after that long hot walk, then once cooled off and a bit dried off my 4 children got there pony rides topped off by one family photo, we enjoyed the free cake, saw the booths, cooled off with the ice cream truck, one more time in the splash pad, then off home.

My memories growing up, Canada Day was a full day event that started with breakfest in the Dundas Driving Park yummy pancakes prepared by the rotary club, music, facepaint, fire truck, singing O Canada lasted till noon, then my Grandparents, Mom and I would get into the car and off to It's Your Festival for the pony rides and cake, sometimes we would around 5 pm head to Paramount park for their festival and fireworks.

 The cake in the photo is from July 22 2018 from the Woodland Park Make Over BBQ, I will cut this blog short as I did stop to write Until Next Time and Shared Friends and haven't really been able to come back and get the flow going again, I guess my point is to have a happy July, make memories and share kindness as one day someone may share their memories of what helped shape them into the person they are.

Drink your water, wear sunscreen and check in on neighbours, don't over do it in the heat, watch out for signs of heat stroke and when in question get yourself in and checked out by a doctor, keep up the daily acts of kindness and be safe, have a compassionate day, peace to you my compassionate's I hope to blog again soon, blessings to you.

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