Hard to Believe

Hello Compassionate's, how are you? I hope you are well.

Wow, it is hard to believe that at 8:30 pm last Sunday, our dear friend and neighbor passed away alone, my heart sinks for everyone losing loved ones and not being able to be there, here at home so I am not out there spreading anything, taking out garbage and recycling, hoping to here Howdy Neighbor what do you think of this weather, or the offer of coffee.

 Maybe it wouldn't feel as rough as it does if the youngest could understand, instead it is sweet and painful in one heartfelt question, is that him calling? when is he coming home? mommy did he come back, every day having to explain He is with God now, every death I have gone through and this is hitting me the most because my 6 year old and my 3 year old twins don't understand.

Youth are resilient look at how they coped with small pox, the song, ring around the rosie they found a way to play and honor fallen friends and not fear death as much as not living life to the fullest and still being a kid. 

It is different being cut off from being able to cry together, get hugs, yes at home with my kids and grateful for those cuddles but let's face it, we do need human touch, it is a part of our language, from knowing something from the way some one shakes a hand, is it soft or firm, and it isn't just handshakes, but a hand on the shoulder with words of reassurance, or that rub on the back, have you ever paused to learn just how much you feel in a touch? I know some articles mentioned hugs are a positive energy transfer. 

Now in the time of Corina we must send our positive energy transfer another way, we send gifs and emoji's of hugs in virtual form and try to communicate more clearly our intentions.

 I guess the simple message is this, don't take it for granted, let's respect the distance that will bring us back together, then really notice the touch you missed and the message it sends, maybe it is a touch for comfort, maybe one of love. With that I will sign off, with more thoughts to share later in another blog, in the mean time please be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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