Hello November

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Sorry for last month and no new blog posts, With Creative Team in full swing and a midterm, plus I am know one of the joint co chairs of Gala, not to mention my twindom is 2 and not napping like they used too, I have my hands full.

Tomorrow I will turn 38, we have no big plans after all the 2 oldest have school in the morning and thursday I also have class, we get to tour Pipeline studios, pretty cool.

You may be happy to know I got a 90% on my midterm, only 1 question wrong, got in the 80% range on my 2 projects and the 3rd is due on the 16th, and I have my first vendor event as Compassionate Creations from 12 -6 at 422 Barton St E right at leeming street.

Laby Boss sent me a email and invited me to take part so I am going for it, orking on a door prize, I have dressed up a jewellery box and am pick a set to go in it, started making a few wreaths but I think I am to picky, but my ldest daughter seems to be loving them and suggests things to add so, I will roll with being aimed at youth and young at heart.

I have my tablecloth, my 6 foot folding table, my business cards, made some more Raising Our Community Bracelets, waiting on the charms to get here to make more Compassion Charms, have some earrings ready to go, just need the photo's and to up load them, had to get a new phone a couple of times, need to set up new tablet for point of sale for the event, not in a panic yet but you wait and see come the night before I may freak out a bit.

I got to do some voice acting that was very cool, it's on youtube had about 46 views yesterday when I shared it to my wall, husbands wall and both of my business pages, Artist Alley page had like 233 likes and follows so I kept it and still post, many the same thing I post on Compassionate Creations.

The sound booth has been busy so I will still try and get a time that works for me to start podcasting, turn my blogs to podcast for those on the go that would listen rather then read, and for those who have sight issues to be included.

With the course Creative Team by City School Mohawk I can also turn my blogs in to vlogs or maker videos, we have been learning about pre production, production and post, the writing, the rundown, timing, the shots that work best for the message, music you name it, everything that brings a show together.

Self promotion may be a issue of mine, but if you ever have a chance and you live in the Hamilton area, check out City School Mohawk, it is part of Mohawk College and they believe that education should be accessible to all. The website site is mohawkcollege.ca/trycollegeforfree or call 905-575-2489.

I used to be a stage manger and a back ground performer the world of production and editting isn't all new to me, I got to edit I guess 6 years ago a video for the sherman hub, I wanted to take this course for upgrading and feedback, have to do my making video or you tube vlog not like a shopping channel and more like us building our connection, as the movement part of Compassionate Creations is just as important as the business and impact, it's important to me to help others feel connected, aware ad feel hope, to much I have seen Apathy that is why my logo is Humanity with in ones heart, a reminder it starts with us, loving ourselves, sharing that with our neighbours in daily acts of kindness.

I think I will wrap it up here, as I get back to making more stock for the vendor event, and do my home work and everything else, remember that in those daily acts of kindness to include yourself, your self love, self care and self compassion to make sure are full enough to give of yourself in those other daily acts of kindness, may you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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