Impactfully Rich

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

This month in the Impact Business Base we have been supporting each other with a money mindset.

I came up with the term Impactfully Rich, a part of me has been a little worried that if I started to focus on money I would lose focus on my impact, that it could be a risk of me changing, I have seen money change people, grew up with money being tight but always had what we needed and some times what I desired, knew I didn't need it just wanted it, but sometimes it was from what everyone else had, like a toddler I wanted what some one else had.

I grew up in a 2 bedroom apartment, shared a room with my mom, didn't have a house or a yard, had a field next to the building which was close to the park and about a block away from 2 schools, the field and high school are gone now but memories remain.

The benefit to money being tight was being creative, to use my imagination, I learned money wasn't needed to have fun or to make a difference, money is a useful tool that in being Impactfully Rich we can raise money to help create affordable housing, send youth to camp, buy wheelchairs and walkers that can be loaned out, help feed the hungry, send a youth in a another country to school, money isn't evil but it's not everything.

In some ways I was very rich, love and support from my family, I grew up making a difference with out fully seeing the results, I helped with fund raisers that the church did, for Sleeping Children around the world, our Campbell soup labels from the week dropped off on Sunday, Grandma knitted hats for the hospitals for the new born babies, sewed dolls for the young kids with long hospital stays, any new pair of glasses the old ones went to church on the first Sunday after the replacements so the Mercy Ship can give them out in another country, the list almost goes on, that was just a small part of everything we did with the church that wasn't even including the Lion's club or what I did at school.

I didn't fit in, I was bullied, I have had those dark thoughts of ending my pain but as you can read, I am here and didn't end my suffering, I learned how to turn it into a impact before I knew impact businesses was a thing. I knew others out there must feel it to, some one needed me and my faith, my hope, my love, my compassion.

In life we must be open to the growing pains and the lessons we learn from it, I call it Growth Spurts, others call it breaking down to break through, if you think of gardens a seed must destroy itself to grow, it must be buried, planted, it's a dark place but the warmth of mother earth surround it, it begins to grow and reach for the light, it knows it needs to root and reach for the sun, we are like seeds, we have deep roots inside ourselves that make us strong in who we are, we with out thinking reach for the stars, to dream big and work towards the light.

I don't have much of a green thumb, I respect nature and others, we all offer some thing special to each other, if you have a day you are not sure f that special gift you bring, don't fear, don't worry, you are still growing, still rooting in knowing who you are and what you offer, just relax, take a breath, have faith in yourself that you are reaching and growing towards the light.

I reflect on my own money stories, impact stories, reflect on the journey that has shaped me and will keep doing so until the next life. I share my feelings and my journey to share light with others, to know that you are not as alone as you feel, to know others feel it too, I am not sure what the numbers our in the base, we started as 25 and have been growing, we all had a money mindset that we wanted to do good from being in business but have struggled with pricing wanting to be affordable, some of us to the point we didn't really take much money for ourselves, but we are worthy of living comfortably while making a difference, when we no longer stress over how to make money, we relax and become healthier to focus and make our positive impact, when we care for ourselves we recharge ourselves to look after others.

 Together we blog reader, impact base member, friends, family can empower one another to change our own mindsets, we can be the change we want to see it this world, remember it starts with you, believe to achieve, the little engine that could by saying I think I can, I know I can then said I did it. 

We are reminded to keep it simple, that it is ok to start of small, that works for everything, a job interview, first day of the job, a new direction after a life changing event. One day at a time, just keep taking the one more step, push yourself in a compassionate manor, give yourself permission to not be in a rush, steady is best. Remember the turtle and the rabbit? Staying focused and steady is better then fast and overly confident.   

 This brings me to question if I have shared enough how I would like you to feel when you are a compassionate, when you buy or wear or display a handmade, heartfelt compassionate creation, no matter what creation it is like my blog ending I want you to feel blessed, empowered, satisfied, confident, when it's bought as a gift as the giver I hope you also feel  blessed, empowered, satisfied, confident and connected, to each other and the cause the creation created funds for.

When I create I feel hope, joy, connected like my energy is flowing into the creation for you to receive it, to share in my simple blessings, to share the compassion with this I will end my blog, Dear Compassionate's may you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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