Hello Compassionate's, How are you? Hope you are well.

I forget what rally I attended and what year it was but a line I remember so clearly from it was Pick up the pieces and walk for change, I think it still rings very true for today.

We can be overly aware and no longer speak up because we don't want to offend others, but if we witness something wrong, we need to speak up, what's that other good line Be Loud and Proud?, It seems that I have turned or am turning into a blogger, this isn't a bad thing, it is reaching out to you and sharing who I am and why I do what I do, which I guess could be summed up as crafting for change.

I don't remember the year or how old I was when my Grandmother had her heart attack but I do remember being very scared and praying that I wasn't ready to not have my grandma, we had a fight and like a youth I didn't think before I spoke I was mad and in rebel fashion said I hate you and wish you where dead then not long after that, it happened, her heart attack, my first thought was what did I do, Oh Dear God I didn't mean it, please God I take it back, don't take Grandma yet I still need her.

One of my mothers friends passed away not to long ago, just last week, of a heart attack, they had seen each other a day or two before it happened no signs of any health issues and good spirits and boom, she was gone.

I really haven't had the money to invest in new supplies for my heart and stroke line of red jewellery because of the big investment that I made with Flourish and Thrive to improve my designing skills and that of the website itself and as june comes to a close what funds I do have will go to get me to my cousins wedding in july in kingston.

I guess by now you ask why do I share all this? I like to thing that we are building a partnership, that you are learning who I am, learning to trust me, because you may not what to buy something from a stranger and feel that the money didn't go to the cause you support.

I am ok with that, sharing more of me with each blog and sharing why each design has a cause, then with the trust built up I know you will find the cause you wish to support and this I will turn to we.

We will then serve that cause together.

I choose to focus on the camp because if we empower of youth, and we put faith in our youth, they can and will help make a difference in community, it's hurt to help heal broken adults so I feel we must make sure not to break them as children, and as a mother of four, I know the costs that go with getting them in camp, to camp and thank goodness my oldest had a angel that said I have a spot at camp that's already paid for would mom say yes to let you have it, and she loved Joy bible camp, yes compassionate's I believe in God and I praised him for that blessing.

My oldest won the Honesty award at school yesterday, so I missed the live masterclass with Flourish and Thrive but this morning I didn't miss the live with Social Impact base about how we polish our whys as social impact businesses and apart of the difference from business why and purpose and profit is being open about your why, your reason for your passion.

We shared on this time that it's hard to open up, it's hard to focus on something other then the good we want to do, it is connected but does it really need to be shared?

If I am right by now you ask yourself, what can this girl know when she's only had one paying customer since the rebrand? 

Relating, we seek to fit in when in school, we want to belong, it makes sense that we want a common reason to be on this journey together, after all it's a shared investment in time, your time shopping, reading the blog, waiting for shipment after payment. A Invest of my time crafting, creating blogs and reaching out to you all just to ask if you will work with me in supporting, R.O.C.K, Heart and Stroke, C.A.P, and more.

The Collections are lacking right now as my out of date phone doesn't take good photo's and I do want a pro look here on my website, but I also want you, I want to understand what you are looking for to treat yourself while donating to a cause .

Are you seeking a upcycled apron, a necklace, earrings, bracelet, jewellery stand, maybe a lamp, or candles, maybe lip balm, what is your special item that lifts you up and makes you feel good and would be the greatest feeling to get it and know it helped someone else?

It's early in my business, for the years of struggle with Artist Alley and everything I have been learning this is just the start, we will build this together, before it was almost just a hobby but I have learned that this is more of a shared calling, that we need each other to help serve others, example you may not have the time to donate to a cause or to make crafty items and you may be looking for a way to treat yourself or some one else while making your money do more, that treating yourself and donation, giving you that statement piece, that badge of honour were now if some one says they like your bracelet you say thanks and it helped send a kid to camp and smile as you think happy thoughts of camp.

I guess what I am blogging about today is I feel like this is how I pick up the pieces and work for change, this is how I am loud and proud, This Is Me. (Love that song from the Greatest Show by the way)

That's it for now Compassionate's, I must get back to all my hats I wear, mother, house work, crafting, community event planning.

As always be blessed and have a compassionate day and if it's not being a good day change it, do kindness and feel that bad turn to good. Peace.

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