Is it Just me?

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Is it just me? or has anyone else ever wanted to be out going? I mean bold, like now matter how old you are wanted a photo shoot just to play dress up, or do a cake or cup cake smash, or a huge ball like party? or is it just me?

My family made big deals out of little things, my grandpa made a big deal about getting ice cream from the ice cream truck in the summer or getting a snack from the freddy truck as he called if we where around one, do you know the ones I am talking about? they were silver and had snacks and coffee and some had sandwhiches, stop at places that aren't close to places to eat.

 Any thing to celabrate, friday the 13th was my grandparents first date, they didn't say what month but every friday the 13th they and we as a family my mom, me and my grandparents did something. The first of the month we would say happy month, mother's day was a blossom run ended up a drive and pinic at the Devil's punch bowl a hamilton waterfall, and then a stop at stoney creek diary bar for ice cream, one of their date spots, but that place is now closed.

Sometimes it was just a nice day and we would end up on a road trip, not to far away but any place that grandpa had wanted to go, a few times that would be the rbg, the rock garden or the one across from easterbrooks or the iris garden his name for it the one near woodland/ Bay Garden's where they are resting.

From 12 inch hot dogs and ice cream to fireworks at the beach, I learned life appreciation, to enjoy what was around me both locally and my country of Canada, still some places yet to get to.

I love music from classic to heavy metal, old movies and new, classic cars, tall ships, boats, trains, art, drama, crafting and most of all philanthropy, the one that ties life appreciation into everyday life, finding joy where you may feel like there isn't but it is there, in a song that lift's your spirits, a book that makes you feel like you are there in another place far away or a time long ago, that art on the wall that you just end up seeing in a new light.

I help plan 2 community events, when it's for a lot of people it takes time to plan and apply for grants that take 6 weeks to get, this year a friend and I will have to fundraise for the money to host HolidayFest, last year we only had about 25 people come out, the idea behind the event is to craft together and enjoy some light refreshments and enjoy some community time with out it being a Christmas party to respect those in our community that do not celabrate Christmas, but encourage togetherness.

This year I was thinking wellness and stress relief with a hint of self care/compassion would be cool to work into the crafts, simple low budget like printing out colouring pages, ballons filled with flour to be stress balls, along with info on local places that can help if you feel your mental health is unhealthy, a booklet on service places in the area like the food bank and willows place.

I also co plan the Easter Saturday event we have in in Gala and if I stay on it will be my 4th year, we come up with new names every year to get the grant but I would love to build it as Gala's spring festival and add a food drive to it.

I planned my daughter's pirate party when she was 5 but then the city started Supercrawl so we go to that every year on her birthday, what I would love to do but our small grant money wouldn't cut it is do a photo shoot, set up photo stations and have a bunch of costumes so families, community members could come play dress up and get a photo and a frame, or just come dressed nice have hair and make up done and get a really nice photo of themselves, or the family.

The power of a great looking photo and frame when caught in a happy moment is priceless, you see it later and feel that happiness again, friends love photo booths and taking silly photos together, it would be cool with neighbours too.

I have so many ideas for events but small pockets that I can't host them all, the work can be a pain but seeing everyone enjoy themselves and feel special, that is empowering, joyful, that is inclusion at it's finest. Does any one else feel that? or Is it Just Me? 

Thank's for reading Compassionate's, be blessed and stay safe, have a compassionate day.

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