Last day of 5 day Challenge

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Here it is the last day of the challenge and our Impact base group had a great zoom call last night and I could barely sleep.

I think I have that offer for you, it was so simple, so classic, timeless and charming I some how over looked it, a charm bracelet.

It makes sense all the stories I have shared in this blog, a butterfly for transformation and a peace sign for peace be with you, a foot print so you know in your dark times you are carried and a star not just for the starfish but to remember to shine when you feel darkness around you so you shine as bright as you can and a heart to love yourself and your neighbour and that when your acts of kindness come from the heart every one wins, which leads up to the chain itself, we are linked together, united in the fact we are living breathing compassionate's sharing this earth as home, let it remind you that we are only as strong as our weakest link, so uplift, empower others to reach that better vision of themselves we know they can be, because we have been there and done that, and now you can wear the bracelet to prove it, share the love because love is that powerful, here comes the ad speak but wait there's more, I was thinking of making some with keys, because you are a key to change, you unlock a better world with every act of compassion, I could also use shells to remind you of the starfish story and remind you it matters to that one, I could do crosses if you want to showcase your faith, I have a few ying yangs if you wish to be reminded of balance, we can work together to personalize it, to fit what reminds you of your daily acts of kindness, how you share compassion, here in the compassion club.

We are all more then one thing, when your a Mother you are your child's first teacher, your the cook, the cleaner, the nurse, you get the point, so in finding that one thing that stands out a charm bracelet highlights the different charms and tells the story of each mile stone, yesterday I forgot where I hid the charm bracelet I had made for my daughter, a mermaid, a angel, a dolphin, a heart and more that covers her likes over 11 years.

That one cause I have decided to really focus on right now is that here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada we are in a housing crisis and it really needs to be solved as housing is a basic human right for us all, and from my 5 times being homeless it's so close to my heart. $20.00 for the charm bracelet with $10.00 getting us closer to affordable housing.

Did you ever watch the A team, I feel like the leader who says "I love it when a plan comes together" 

Today I guess my faith is showing, feeling like everything will fall in place, that I will have a way to lift my family up at the same time as lifting you my compassionate's up and those waiting for housing. Today feels like the kind of day that we are superheros.

I hope I tell you Thank you enough, for being a loyal reader, or even Thank you if a first time reader, I hope when you read this or any blog of mine that you feel like you are listing to a friend, so dear friend, my compassionate's be blessed, stay safe and may peace be with you.

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