Learning Delay and ADHD

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Yesterday I learned the result's of my 5 year old son's assessment, early on her was given the Global Developmental Delay title but now after testing it is narrowed down to ADHD like his Mom with a hint of a learning delay, he is more like a 2 year old then a 5 year old but it is mild, he will need extra help in school but with the results into the school the request can go in for him to access a EA, he will be slow to learn some things but hyper focused on learning others that really interest him, he is able to do some things on his own so as he grows he may end up like me and be hyper focused on his passions.

One saying comes to mind, knowing is half the battle maybe mixed in for forewarned is forearmed. I have to admit I had a feeling that was the issue, now I will share that I am a little worried, Doug Ford is at it again with more funding and program cuts not feeling that great that my son will have a full EA  but hope he has at least shared access to use of a class EA. All of the Funding and program cuts going on here in Ontario makes it a little scary for parents right now, a little worse in the fear and worry zone if your low income.

Thank goodness I have been focused on the Money Mindset Bundle that it will all start to flow better, more easily, more Impactfully and that everything is going to work out, it's like my faith is being restored when I had not felted it had been so damaged but my trust in so much had been shaken  more then I care to admit, me clinging to being grateful for the small blessings I fought hard to keep.

When refereed it can take up to 6 months to a year to be seen by a specialist or have the assessment done, this whole process started when he was almost 3, to get a special space in day care to work on speech, to prep for school and now to get a IEP in place for Grade 1, been there done that for my oldest daughter and have started the process over again for my Twindom.

Rising Compassionate Community leaders who are mildly special needs takes a little extra energy, patience, understanding, devotion and community support.

My oldest has been blessed with some amazing after school programs to help out where I struggled, we read together but wow did she have her freak out's when I correct the word, I did it gently but yikes, some how Raz Kids they do it and no freak outs, counting my blessings, between city run and community partner even school run programs she has come a long way and I am so proud of her, I know if we as a community fight to keep our programs running more youth including my 3 youngest will have the chance for the same head way to be made, with the desire to give back to the community as empowered youth with a voice.

The Twindom's nap time is almost over, today so far has been much of the same as every day, some house work, some business crafting but today I wrapped a 10 inch wreath in purple felt while doing a masterclass online, most times I create to music, we don't always have balance, some days are off, like when both the oldest are home sick but it is a part of life.

To end off I will say that I felt blessed to see the blood moon with my oldest daughter a little after it was full with one hint becoming uncovered from the eclipse we both fell asleep, it felt peaceful even with the news my uncle ended up in the ER, even with the news his cancer has spread to his lungs, there in that moment, it was peaceful, wrapped in our thick fluffy blankets as the main heater went down and our space heater was just starting to warm up, looking out our drafty window, I felt warm and not so worried, let my prayers go straight from my heart and soul, to bless us with what we need, protect the homeless, help our family members who are suffering and need comfort, support and comfort the lonely and help me trust the timing that I know is going to all work out for my family, that I will get to have time with my children and my uncle sooner rather then later, my business will pick up at a rate where I don't risk falling behind or lose time with my children, red is the colour of passion and love and I felt Grandmother moon was full of her wisdom and compassion, that she sung us to sleep with ancient lullabies, we danced on her moon beams, played with stars, sang with wolves and angels and fell asleep on a fluffy cloud that brought us back down softly to our beds for a peaceful slumber, all the time the soul praying.

With that Dear Compassionate's as always I take my leave with hoping that you Be Blessed, you stay Safe and that Peace be with you. 

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