Like GPS Recalculating

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

I know in this time of Corona many of us are not fine, we are worried about loved ones, or feeling extra alone, not sure what will happen next, or how to move forward.

Like we have entered our destination into GPS to know the way to go and have missed a turn, the voice comes on and says recalculating, in some ways this is not a bad thing, it is good to reflect from time to time, I don't drive but as a passenger this can also be a adventure in seeing the sights you wouldn't see if you had gone on the highway, it is our chance to slow down and catch our breath, take in the view and recalculate.

Growing pains hurt and no doubt many of us are hurting now, feeling a pinch, rent or food, there are food banks and some pretty awesome volunteers doing their part to make sure people have access to food, truck drivers making sure the stores are stocked, farmers who never quit working, store employees and some owners there at the store so we can get what we need, just like the doctors and nurses all worried about getting sick and risking their family becoming sick, none of us are alone in our worry.

We gain nothing in fearing tomorrow, we do our best, we get creative, we bootstrap like those before us, we are not on war time rations but looking at our lives, our needs, our way of life, maybe there are some things we don't need, that we can go with out.

We have been told or I have that you need to save for at least 3 months, that is your rainy day fund, not easy and didn't happen, grateful the bills are paid and that yes we were able to get toilet paper, the for now looked after then focus on tomorrow and see if we can think a little further down the road.

Let's dream a bit together what can we do to make sure that healthcare never suffers cuts? That when it is our time to vote we remember this as if it is us on the line, at risk of not being saved, maybe think backwards a little, we get through this but now we have a new normal, for the first little bit we are all happy to be out, able to hug, able to hang with friends at school at work, money was tight but hey we are alive and back to normal or are we, taxes up, pollution back up, poor left behind, stigmatized and called lazy, our leaders feel look at us we did a good job, vote themselves yet another raise.

I am not wanting to get you down but we all know for many normal before covid 19 wasn't working, long wait lists, cuts to many places and rents had already gone up, a lack of affordable housing that unless you couldn't afford it, went unaddressed by those all to happy to be working who didn't struggle, so now we see the value and hard work of retail employees ringing in your food purchases, making your take out and the truckers that get it all there, let's really look at a living wage and what it means, let's look at all jobs because I don't mean to leave out the mail, garbage, cleaners, factory, I mean all should have living wages.

Let's be like the paid ads for a moment but wait there's more, if you dream now think of solar panels for power, what could that mean for a city, if roofs became solar farms, but why stop there? Act now and create even more community gardens for food security, tear up ash-fault and have living play ground in school grounds, they have a slide but built in a way herbs grow. Have raised beds and not just plant seeds in cups, plant fruit trees in parks, snack on a fresh pair or apple, plant raspberries and strawberries, let's keep growing this dream, tiny home communities, a special camp grounds, I know people don't like the homeless camps but if a camp grounds was created with showers, washroom, laundry on site and during the spring, summer, part of fall as long as weather is nice allow them to stay and have a simple building with a office so a support worker can help with resume or connect them to programs like academic upgrading , job ready programs/ courses like city school Mohawk, allow them to work landscaping or some job with the camp site to stay there and maybe a free library, food bank, shared kitchen? a safe site to not have to keep moving from and not having to start over and over again because tents get taken, it could give them the chance and help needed to get back on their feet.

As we continue to reflect on needs and dreams, can we make that move to sustainability? Rethink travel? create a space for quarantine at air ports? docks for cruise ships?  I know I am guilty of the desire to travel, yes I would love to see the world, but most of all visit family. Haven't sold enough for that but as always I am almost always some what annoy-ability optimistic that sales and donation goal will happen, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I know I would like to go by train to see the Canadian country side and hang out with family I haven't seen in so long.

Don't get me wrong, some of the photo's I have seen posted on Facebook of the empty spaces tourist flock to every year have been amazing, this is not out of disrespect, amazing because of the details in the photo, no photo bombs, clear detail photos that have made me feel like I have been there, wanting to travel to places my great grandfather may have served in ww1 or my grandfathers brothers in ww2 or just places that shaped history has been a dream, but so is clean air and water, healthy children and not taking some ones future away, yet now I question if that yearning to travel has been a part of the problem.

As we all think of ideas and solutions in this time of solidarity through isolation, as we look inside ourselves to find our strength to get through this, to emerge better versions of ourselves, let's exercise our minds and hearts with gratitude, with in our house holds let us do our daily acts of kindness and make sure to do our self love, self care and self compassion.

May you be Blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.     

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