Lilac Lodge

How Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

With my Uncle Fred in the Hospital out in Lindsay and from the sound of it in good spirits but not doing so well, I feel like I am in a small funk myself, looking into maybe getting to him on the weekend, how ever it may not be with the kids, 4 mild special needs kids don't really travel so well, but we will see.

On Facebook I have asked for prayers, so my Dear Compassionate's I ask of you the same, prayers for his well being and recovery, my Aunt Joyce in comfort and support as she is also having health issues and still supports her husband, and that the rest of us family member's can see and support him, sooner rather then later.

There is that saying of before you die your life flashes before your eyes, how ever I am not the one dying and we re not 100% sure my Uncle is but planning for the worse as is health seems to be in bad shape and could go either way, he has kept good spirits though the cancer treatments been eager to return to work and living up to our family facing issues with humor, we have a legacy of love in our family, one I have been reflecting on as with the fact it could be time to say goodbye to my uncle, and I am not ready to let go, I find my own life flashing before my eyes, some memories of my uncle more vivid then others.

My title Lilac Lodge is one of them, many summers like one big memory of trailor park that was like a cottage, nice people, new friends, pancakes on a bbq, smore's on the fire pit, barn dances some that my Uncle Fred DJ'd, corn roasts, swimming, time on his house boat, I didn't have a week at over night camp but every summer until middle school if memory serves we had a week of summer up at Lilac Lodge and one long weekend, just before going back to school.

I don't know what happened to my O27 Train, Lost or stolen on one of the moves preharps or ended up at my mom's, I really hope it ended up at mom's, because it was from Uncle Fred, I don't know if he gave it to me as a baby or maybe 5 years old, I just know the memory of trains, and that the set I played with was from him.

 The photo for this blog is from the Twindom's Dedication with a cute facebook frame as for now as I asked for prayers he is my profile photo. That was the last time he saw my children and was down in the area, when I saw him last was my cousin's wedding in Kingston, it was just me, we had hoped to get down or up to Lindsay to visit before summer was over but I didn't get the back pay of taxes I had been owed until it was to late, school was back in and his chemo had started, talk about a bummer, De ja vu not sure if spelled right but here we go again, timing and funds didn't work out to see my Aunt Marjorie before see past away, had money but ward on lock down, then kids sick but ward open, ward open no funds to get to Welland, then gone but not forgotten.

I would love for all of us to make it to see him but we will have to see and pray. 

A memory stream of visits in Dundas , when Rex was alive, that little but spirited dog was a English terror, Golden retriever mix that barked like a hound dog, loved Rex, when I got old enough I got to help walk him on a chain and learned how much he really pulled, once Uncle Fred and Grandpa let me hold on to the chain as I sat in my little red wagon, that was fun and wow was Rex fast, that dog made it to the old age of 17.

The number 17 has my flash back thinking about a few stories my grandfather told me, that he used to have a motorcycle and he got rid of it so his boys wouldn't want one, but around 17 or older guess what, Uncle Fred as the Oldest and a job as a bag carrier for a golf course got a motorcycle, followed by Uncle Bob who just sold his some time before my cousin's wedding.

I have wanted one but the funds haven't been there. Money isn't everything and maybe I will at least get to ride one, I don't seem to have any memories of riding one, mind could be playing tricks on me, I mean sadly Alzheimer's does run in the family and with my bad luck I could be the first to have it super duper early, but let's hope my memory is serving me well and I haven't yet ridden one. For the record at some events I was allowed to sit on one and get photo's, wish I could find those, but that's a side note.

 One year at Rockton Fair or the full title of The Rockton's World Fair, thanksgiving weekend, tree saplings where giving out and I ended up with 2, Bruce I think, I lived in a apartment, no yard no planting space, so on my uncles visit before they grew to big for the window box I gave them to Uncle Fred who planted them in his back yard and every time I see him shows me photo's of how the trees are doing, is it strange to get teary over missing that.

 I miss my Aunt's calendar's of her photo's and her books of our family tree as our present's, and Uncle Fred and Aunt Joyce are really good at remembering to send birthday and Christmas cards and really cute ones to, and yes a small bit of money for the kids, sadly they didn't get blessed with any of their own, but they got to travel a lot and us nieces and nephews got spoiled in stead.

 I got teary at the wedding, when they danced to their song when it came on, I could Aunt Joyce trying not to, I was maybe 10 maybe younger after all my cabbage patch doll and I had matching dresses that I think Mom and Grandma had done together and I danced with my doll at their wedding in that white with colored hearts dress, lot's of twirls. Again no clue what happened to all these photo's wish I knew.

 So many different memories dancing around right now, fighting back tears, praying to the Creator that I'd like my Uncle a little longer, healthier so he can see my children a few more times, add some more memories, take more photo's, have a family gathering that isn't a funeral, like the one's Grandma put together at 50 point with a bbq and other good food, some fun actives for us kids that including swimming.

I was writing this blog during our Impact Business Base Impact hour, when we support each other to get some of the work we have been putting off to get done, it started at a 11 am but it's 12:19 and here I am still typing as my youngest son isn't really napping and I had a phone call from my mom with the update on Uncle Fred, so compassionate's please keep the prayers going, he is 68 years old but would like to reach 70, he has stabilized and could go home some time next week, Mom and my step dad and myself will be going to see him this Saturday and return mom on Sunday, if all goes well he was talking about wanting to get down this way to she the kids because he knows how had it is to travel with them and all their meltdowns, the touch of bad news the cancer did spread, with this good and bad news, this emotional 4 days of if he would make it to the weekend, I must leave the blog here, keep up the daily acts of kindness I am including your prayers in there, keep up your self care, your spirits and may you be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you. Lot's of Love and Love you Lot's. 

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