Hello Compassionate's, How are you?, I hope you are well.

I designed a # line of jewelry but have no way to make it right now, what I would love to do is try to melt down pop or soup cans in one of those youtube metal foundary's and be able to recycle what we use ourselves rather then put it to the crub for the city to pick up, and with the main cause of the # line to create a movement and funds for affordable housing.

A movement? yes that your jewelry would be a statement that you share with the #LOVEYOURCOMMUNITYEVERYDAY yes long and all in caps to drive home the movement, snap a photo of you wearing it, once I can make it, still seeking local artist that has the space and skill to guide me though it, but once that happens, take a photo of yourself wearing it somewhere in your community that you love and share why you love it.

Example here in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada our city hall has added a Hamilton sign that lights up, it's cool and it didn't cost taxpayers money it was donated and made in Dundas, where I grew up. We as have a Dog and butterfly of plants that are beautiful, I will have to get photos but haven't been down there lately, any way the example would be a selfie that shows the item and a bit of those items with the #LOVEYOURCOMMUNITYEVERYDAY I love my # by #COMPASSIONATECREATIONS here @ #HAMONT city hall investing in nature and friendly space. Something like that, you could add that half the price of the jewelry set will once made go to help create affordabl housing.

I am talking with someone from the city about some sport hashtags to help raise money for a gym at our rec center, maybe even help grassroots soccer and jumpstart programs.

I struggle to draw a hashtag bike to maybe raise funds for safe streets, we are trying to help make our city less of a get in car and drive, to more of a let's walk to the store, bike to the park, more of enjoy your community place to live, work and play.

I am a part of the Gala Community Planning team and we hear what our neighbours say and want to change, we started a local paper, started events like movie nights at the park, the Easter Saturday event, HolidayFest which is one thing I am working on right now as we need to raise money for it. One key to getting people together at events is... Can you guess...? Free. 

Free to attend, free food, free swag and free from barriers, no judgement, wheelchair friendly, family friendly safe spaces. This is one of my why's, why I #LOVEMYCOMMUNITYEVERYDAY we strive to live in true inclusion, and that comes into my business as well, I know people like to feel like something makes you part of a excludive club some how sets you apart and feel special yeah, I hear you, we all do, so compassionate's I am glad you are here and a part of our special inclusion club, our beautiful dream of a better world that start's with us being the change we want to see, that daily compassion we share, the simple acts of kindness.

I am so impatient, I would love to make those # pendants, the ones that wear that feeling, the ones that showcase you are compassionates, the ones that will help create that beautiful connection to community, affordable housing to help people stay in the community the dreams of how we might just get a chance to see the difference each one of us truly makes. Measured by photo's that connect us to you and places, the hashtag that shares around the world the love of ones community, so we flood the media with positives, we can uplift each other with a hashtag.

Compassionate's even with out this pendant use the hashtag, one day I will make this set of earrings and necklace and I hope to do it in a sustainable way of recycling my pop and soup cans, but as I figure this out, and plan community events, and sew things for my 2 oldest's school class party stuff and teachers gift's, share the massage of love your neighbour, love your community and please if you don't already first and foremost love yourself, don't forget with daily acts of compassion to share that kindness with yourself.

That's it for now Compassionate's, please be blessed, be safe and be kind, have a compassionate day.

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