Maybe I'm an Old Soul

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

A Blinged out plane? Really?!! 

The state of the world, breaks my heart, I just blogged about how such a big fuss over a 74 year old song, but how the voices are silent when it comes to the homeless, or missing and murder women who are native, or the children dying because greedy people want control of oil and other things that keep them rich.

When did Apathy take such a strong hold over empathy and when did greed overpower compassion? When did we care more about looks then a persons heart? When did we lose so much of our humanity?

 This is where maybe I am an old soul comes in, I am not going into details of a shiny jet plane but I will ask or try to be inspirational with in what I guess is a lot of questions and not really a rant but rant like, if that makes any sense.

I guess I want to know why so much money is put into blinging up a plane, rebuilding Titianic, bigger and bigger Cruise ships yet it seems almost impossible for us to make sure everyone in the world is feed and housed.

Yes there are many reasons for homelessness but we are all clever and creative and can come up with more then one solution that could create affordable, supportive housing.

This day and age we can have comfortable off grid buildings that could help sustainable enegry and lower costs of living yet it seems we are climbing a mountain that one would think is only a mole hill, a stigma of some how living on the streets is a choice and that once that choice is made they have to live with it and the rest of us are off the hook, my heart aches when I don't have the money to give some one asking for change, or that I only had one bus ticket and couldn't give them a bus ticket, I have used a gift card I had for Tim Horton's a few different times to help buy coffee and food or if we had left over pizza give the box to the first group I saw on the way to the bus, and we is my family, teaching my youth to be good examples to other youths.

When I haven't had the money I have volunteered in kitchens or to help a charity with phone calls, donated handcrafted heartfelt creations for a raffle or door prize or piece for silent auction, helped at fundraisers, helped create fundraisers, so I struggle to understand why on days like today I don't see much of a difference.

It's that type of day when the kids aren't feeling well, I have been sick and I go to catch up on reading world news and I feel heart broken.

I dig in my heels as the saying goes and work a little harder for my community, I do my best to serve my neighbours, even if they are unaware of the behind the scenes that goes into the small grants to fund a community event to keep up community spirits where those in attendance know they matter, feel more connected to each other.

Dec.8th we had a good turn out, the smiles on everyone's faces, makes the chaos of planning, writing grants, shopping, wrapping and set up worth it, you leave a happy tired, I guess many like to call this AHA moments, I call it a community victory. 

The youth picked out a gift for there parents, babies to preteen got a gift from Santa, ate good food, talked to each other, did crafts together and got free books to read together, friendships where made, some new neighbours got to meet other members of the community.

 I feel like on days like these when you see the bad news in the world it is important to remember how we do matter and make a difference no matter how small it feels, from no money invest just giving of your time to the example of creating $105.00 raised for Indwell to help create affordable, supportive housing or dreaming big maybe raising $20, 000 one day.

So Dear Compassionate's if you are having one of these down days, not seeing the difference you make, take comfort in the daily acts of kindness you do make and that it matters to you and the one you helped, from opening doors for strangers, picking up litter on your walk to the volunteer hours given or donations you have given, let me thank you for all you do and will do.

Keep up those daily acts of compassion, those daily acts of self love and care, we need you to keep going and doing your part of the team work that makes this world a better place.

You are awesome, a change maker and I hope I can call you a friend. Let's keep each other going, to lift our voices for change, to keep our actions simple yet strong, to bless each other, keep each other safe and show each other peace, so be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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