Mud Run And Mother's Day Reflection

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

 May 11th was the Mud run and my oldest was the second from her group to cross the finish line, for 3 k she had a time of 44:11, I am so proud of the young woman she is on her journey to be. I look forward she will do in the 4k May 25th. I know tonight at Fab girls at the Eva Rothwell Center the girls ran a 3.2k around the Keith neighbourhood in I believe a hour, as Fab girls starts at 6 pm and ends at 7:30 pm, start with a warm up, head out for a run, I stay so I can open the door back into the gym and then they cool down, journal and have snack, tonight was trail mix. My daughter was the first one back, she was better at pacing herself and the coaches notice she is becoming more focused, she already wants to sign up for next year.

Is it wrong to be impressed that when so many that also impressed me for finishing with out shoes and in some cases no socks, that not only did the shoes hold and not fall apart that I was worried about, but stayed together and she finished with shoes on and not to messy, some what muddy, shoes are still a bit dirty but the plan was new running shoes any way, the plan was a family shopping trip on Mother's Day with a meal at Boston Pizza, plan, didn't happen.

Mother's Day, I did get some nice hugs and kisses in the morning, a cup of coffee in bed, then not long after cereal it became meltdown city, it was a blur of what started everything, I know a few times I heard my 5 year old son say he's not going, my youngest daughter just started to scream then my youngest son got me in the mouth with his head, not sure why he came flying at me but... broke another tooth, my heart sank, just wanted to shop nicely as a family to get some new running shoes, maybe get some for the twins, but the growth sprut isn't over yet so holding off, time kept moving, meltdowns kept going to, so ordered in, did the shoe shopping monday after the after school program, took my 2 oldest, also picked up some snacks, today she showed off her new shoes and at a size 6, getting out of the youth section and into women's. Really where has the time gone.

I joked with her on the way to the bus for her event, should have brought cucumber slices, that way after the finish line you have a mud wrap and facial with the slices, I mean people pay how much for that at a spa, I think she got a little mad that I was thinking of turning it into a spa run, but this is the strange stuff I do, I dream up fundraising events and product lines, I uplift my community, I dare say I plant seeds of hope, could you picture it, 3k mud run, maybe wait for warmer weather, cross the finish line do your cool down then a nice meni pedi, with foot soak, you really want to empower youth or the runners, maybe go beyond a simple foot soak, have massage students get credit and experience with sports massages for the runners, have warmed changing tents but what that sound like a infomercail, there's more, come in clothes to get muddy, get pampered and leave with a new outfit and dress for success, I mean you finished a 3k in mud, you got this, reach for the stars, I no seems so big, maybe nonsense but it would be kinda cool, pay a spa package price as a entry fee fundraise with friends in fashion or play on rags to riches type of fun, we could do a spa crawl instead and have spa like stuff at each 1k mark, or do laps like walk with that toe thing on lap one, next lap your nails are done, after all most fundraisers need to be fun as much as raise funds.

It would be a lot of work and I have other community events that our up coming, no new vendor events yet, any way the idea may grow or fade, who knows with the movement to have alleys as friendly areas that spa crawl could work in a nice alley, then it would become a matter of what to raise money for, Fab girls, Affordable Housing, C.A.P, R.O.C.K, so many worthy causes need our help.

 My Mother's Day may not have been the best or ideal but I am grateful just the same, I know some Mother's are with out their children, some are children with out their mother's, some are single dads, some did not get blessed with children the goal is that we love one another and show kindness and compassion all days of our lives, not just special days, so here I will take my leave, gratefully, impactfully, show kindness every day, be blessed, stay safe and peace be with you.

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