Nightmares and Dreams

Hello Compassionate's, How are you? I hope you are well.

Many of us are not ok, we are doing our best and feeling like we are failing. Some of us remember H1N1 and Sars, different measures were taken, if I am correct in the research that was how we got the n95 masks and the current ppe's.

You look at the 17th centenary and we think those bird masks that te early doctors had, mixed with belief of keeping evil spirits away and not smelling the death and decay around it was the first time they believed it was air borne and not just flea bites, the who reaper part came from a doctor tapping the one infected with a stick, in some of what I read and unsure if true it was to see if still alive to treat or if dead and to move on to another patient.

Over the many years, other's have played with designs and materials, one that seemed to be a better mask was with fabric with some layers of gaze that was fitting more close to the face, again design was also attempted by many then in 1950 taking inspiration from a bra the new bubble style mask became a pitch to 3M, the company that now supplies the world healthcare workers. The 1st ones in 1961 where really only dust masks, but our journey of learning begins some where.

This evolution was to leave behind the scary masks of old that was as fearful as black death. As with outbreaks in the past necessity is the mother of invention and around the world with the storage of ppe's and n95, many are using 3d printers and sewing skills and seeking improvements, a new legacy that will help save lives now and in the future. 

The nightmare part is a living history lesson of 1918 when everyone was also told to stay home, we are grateful for our modern ways to still socialize with out physical touch, we are mainly social creatures, and ones of habits, for some this disruption is harder then for others but this is still a collective trauma.  

 As we try and practice safe distancing to try and still get fresh air which was believed to be a key factor in recovery for those in 1918 pandemic, we feel unsettled, when others are breaking the rules and getting to close, after all we have learned about high rick factors, spread and that as more research continues into how long Covid 19 lives in the air, how far it travels and how to best treat it to save more lives, majority of us stay home, work on teaching our youth with the emails from the school, and some free apps, we try and get things done that had been put off as we lead busy lives, struggle to keep routine and explain to some of the younger ones what is happening with out putting to much fear in there childhood, explain some friends may not have internet to keep in touch, and that no one is alone in not knowing how to really feel about this.

We have witnessed how broken our society was and here comes the dreams out of the nightmare, the clean air around the world, we can find ways to keep that going and not pollute like we used to, we see how much fresh air is needed, we see it can be done, respect needs to make a come back, what can we learn from our elders before they are gone, we need to make sure every one has a living wage and keep our greed in check, do we really need something or do we want it? 

Once upon a time in the ww2 era families kept chickens in back yards for eggs, potatoes came in nice fabric for families to make clothes as factories make war machines, we get to switch gears and creating live saving masks and ventilators, yet we learn how fast our older or even most vulnerable community members are scarified when healthcare is overloaded, we see the disabled, homeless and seniors left to die, long term care homes saw staff not come in, how long things take to get in place for what should be simple compassion, it took what 30 days for a plan to safely provide shelter for the homeless, now let's dream again to make sure we use this time of shelter in place to get them housing and on their feet. 

Think about what you really want to see change, next time you cast a vote make sure money is invested in health care, or even a small change and new normal like planting a garden, getting to know your neighbor, host more bbq's, volunteer more often, yes I am being true to me and always challenging you to be a better you for a better world, to do at least 3 daily acts of kindness then at least 3 for yourself in the form of self love, self compassion and self care.

May you be Blessed, Stay Safe and Peace be with you.   

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